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Saturday, July 14, 2012

"The (other) one who becomes a year older..."

As much as I am blindsided by the fact that I'm her son - I concur to having an  absolutely awesome mom.

Ask any mother - they will tell you that caring after small children, while at the same time maintaining a carrier of your own is no walk in the park. Adding towards this already lob-sided role, a mother also needs to balance the responsibilities as a wife, a sister and a daughter to others in her life. It's tough to manage one child, let alone three boys at a time, but this person has taken the challenge in her stride - I am a third of three little rascals thriving on a life he has owed so very much towards her care and upbringing. 

Today July 14th, is her special day of commemoration.

To my dearest mom, happy birthday - you are a year younger today!

On her newfound role of being a grandmother to little Ayra - which she has nailed perfectly.

Allahyarham Dr. Afzal's last entry on his blog was, preeminently, about his gratifying thoughts on his mother. Among all his posts I considered this the most dear and engaging; probably even he himself shared the same presentiment. In reminisce, his last paragraph summarized his own endearment to a person he considers his greatest love, in a post which would befit being his last.

"I'm not exactly sure why I have penned this thoughts down, but I just feel the strong urge to show my deepest appreciation to my mom. My guardian. The one person in life I know will never disappoint. The one person I know who will always provide me with that unconditional love, through the thick and thin. To everyone out there, love your mom and NEVER ever break their heart. Tell them, in your own way, that you love them and that you will never trade your mom with anything in this entire world."
Subhanallah, only Allah knows best.

Like him, I consider my mom to be the epitome of love and endearment in my life. She is that rock which anchors my faith; that north star of which I find guidance, and the mirror I reflect upon as an example towards my life. She labels as not just a mother, but also a mentor, and good friend. Thank you mom for the forbearance of persevering with me through the thick and thins of my life - I pray God will give the opportunities to repay you in kind one day insyaAllah.

My two (grand)mothers.

Today my prayers are for you mom, for Him to appease you a happiest and most gratifying of days. May Allah shower you with His grace and bless you a grand, long life ahead. May He sustain upon you good health, grant you the utmost patience and perseverence to continue being who you have always become - a wonderful mother and a potent role model for us all. 

As you now grace grandmother-hood, I am happy for Ayra and your future grandchildren; because they can now share the same love you showed us while growing up.

Thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed for us, and may you be blessed with many more birthdays to come. 

We love you very much.

- JeP, Fifah & Nur Ain Umairah


Anonymous said...

JeP, What a wonderful way to honor your incredibly special mother. Much love to all of you, and especially to your mother on her 25th birthday! :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you Jep for the kind words. Sometimes it scares parents like me when children think we have done a good job. It makes us wonder if it really is our doing or it is actually more the children's own efforts that are responsible for making them the successful beings they are today.

But alas, there is no point crying over spilled milk. I pray each day that Allah allows me to make amends by giving me the wisdom and strength of guiding my children so that they can be better parents to their children....Amin.

P/S: Next year, I'm satisfied with just a collection of Ayra's photos for my birthday present!