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Thursday, July 12, 2012

"The one who becomes a year wiser..."

Today my dear sis Aiysha turns (I think!) 23, so happy birthday..!

I was going through a few of my earlier posts and realized that she doesn't usually occupy much blog space over the years. Aiysha is, like Andi definitely one of the more 'down-to-earth, low profile' individuals of the family. And that is normal, considering how much of a limelight-hogger I am!

My mom always wanted a baby girl to accompany her three-boys cast ensemble, and she (my mom) told me that when Aiysha arrived she brought some much-needed, overdued female jubilance into our lives. At last someone my mom could dress up in skirts and gowns and other princess-like get-upsShame that Aiysha had other fashion preferences - her style took more of a boyish-outlook, having been influenced by her three predecessors!

My dear Aiysha,

Sometimes I can still picture you a teenager, still ripe in your years of oogling over Christiano Ronaldo and boybands. While today you harbor still, a penchant for the footballer - your taste in boybands have since favored from the rugged charming Backstreet Boys to the more beautiful boyish Koreans. 

But look at you now - an aunt to our precious Ayra.

Hard to believe - but she is now an aunt to our little Ayra!

Over the years, we have all witness you grow from a girl, into a woman. A rock rough around its edges, now a polished precious diamond. Though you whole life is still ahead of you, and still much to learn from - we know that you possess the hardened spirit, strength and perseverance for success. May the celebration of your birthday today renders you wiser, refresh yourself off life's extremities, and endow onto you a heightened sense of accomplishments. With it, may it also fosters in you a thirst for success.

My best advice to you, is to work hard. Very hard. The best of the achievers run on diligence and hard work, individuals who not only dream big, but whose efforts are even bigger. Pride yourself in realizing that your experiences strengthen you, molds you into the person you are today. Sow in you the seeds of humility and good thoughts of others. Nurture these qualities with the forbearance and guidance of your elders, absorb the good and oust the bad. Our thoughts become our actions, and our actions dictate our being in this world.

Aiysha, with my sister-in-law Ira.
My dear Aiysha,

Many happy returns today. Birthdays are a celebration of the life in our years, and I pray you'll experience more in the years to come. Congratulations on wrapping up your varsity journey, and may this pave greater things for you. May you also one day be graced with someone who will respect you for who you are, and treats with justly. Our prayers are always of good things (and good men) to come your way.

May Allah bless you with a long life, and occupy its length with people who love you, and whom your love can be reciprocated.

Happy birthday from us three, 
-JeP, Fifah & Nur Ain Umairah.

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Anonymous said...


On this special day for Aiysha : I remember when Andi was born, as I held him in my arms, I told myself.."can't believe I am a mother!" And when Aiysha was born.. "my beautiful baby girl!".

Altogether I have 5 and I count my blessings everyday, because some people have none. Each one of you have a special place in my heart and twice, everyday during solat (subuh n isya'), I will mention each of your names in mu du'a. As all of you grow and have children of your own, you'll understand these acts parents do for their children. Thank you all my children for making my life meaningful.....Mama.