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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"The one with the scones you can't put down..."

Last Aidilfitri back home I had the opportunity to sample what I would say, the best scones this part of the equator. Being not particularly a connoisseur of such delicacies nor possessing yet the ample knowledge of bakery and crockery, but speaking as a conventional layman - you won't find any scone better in KL than Zee's Scones.

My acquaintance with Zee can be traced to almost 15 years ago - back when I was still in high school. In reminiscence she has always had an inclination on everything related to the culinary scene. She had been trained in Europe (apart from the other accomplishments filling her resume!) and when she returned back to Malaysia she made sure to share this wonderful talent of hers with the world.

Zee's Scones come in four tantalizing flavors - all baked fresh to order.

At time of press - Zee bakes four types of scones fresh-to-order; Raisins, Apricot & Raisins, Raisins with Cinnamon and Cranberries & Orange. Haven't had the juncture of tasting the raisin varieties but the latter tasted divine! Suffice to say the 20-scones (she'll even sneak an extra one or two, if you ask nicely..:D) we ordered were gobbled straight away in minutes. Did I mention that the scones were complimented perfectly with her homemade rendition of lemon curd? 

If your tummy aches for some baked goodies - these are the scones that'll ease that yearning.

If you can look at this without salivating - my God you have a gift.
Fancy an English treat?
Warning : Images may induce udder temptation.
The master baker herself (not the one on the right though!) - my old friend Zeehan Zahari.
So the next time you feel like having scones - don't forget to give Zee's a try!



Anonymous said...


This must be the result of our family meeting 2 nights ago, about Tiqah's idea of having a weekend family get-together themed "Bake-Off".

Maybe we should try our hands at scone-baking? We may not succeed in topping Zee's scones, but at least we'll have home-made scones to eat this weekend!....Mama

P/S : I agree that these mouth-watering scones she baked are just scrumptous!

PakTam said...

Appa raa... buat Paktam teringat aje.. Order sekotak!