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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"The one place we call home..."

I think there exists a delicate yet profound association between a house, and a home. A house is where you return, to seek subtle composure from the hurries of everyday life; but a home - is where you return instead, to seek yourself; in emancipation from the entanglements of everyday life.

Masjid Besi (literally means 'Steel Mosque') - Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Home is that transitional abode which reminds us of our foundations, our grounding, our journey on becoming who we are. Home is where we return to when our lives need reaffirming, rearranging, resetting. For many, home provides the vitality to withstand the adversities and hardships of life. And the most wonderful thing about a home, is its fundamental notion of being an idea.

A house is somewhere, but a home can be anywhere.

The budding entrepreneur - Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. 

Perhaps it is that distinct feeling of familiarity, a shared connection which makes being home so pleasant. But perhaps, a home is not only the physical state of being somewhere - but coexisting with those whom we find homage in. If some can infer a home in most hardened of places, then I guess home is simply just a state of mind.

A female affair - Restoran Umai, Putrajaya.

Siblings - Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

Living abroad has really inculcated me with a different perspective in life. Being away makes me appreciate home more. Albeit all the intense traffic, extreme weather and humidity - nothing beats the local touch. Our forefathers probably had it right all along;

"Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri - baik lagi di negeri sendiri."
(Though we prosper in foreign land and endure hardship on local soil - we're better off on local soil.)

Our new home - Bangi, Malaysia.

Though being a (very) temporary reprieve, tis' really good to be home.


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