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Saturday, October 23, 2010

"The one with that contest they had me trying out..."

In endorsement of Mrs. Wawa's tag I'm compelled to humbly dedicate a post towards one of her fellow blogger's contest - the Contest Mortar Board : The Beauty in Ugly. The contest requisites a most recent graduation photo and contrary to this blueprint I opted to upload two pictures instead!

My recent encounter with flowers and robes and everything convocation was last year during my MSc graduation ceremony in UPM. Although not as prominent as my BSc convocation, I was lucky that I had to share the honor in the presence of my family and friends who joined into the commemorations.

And also with my wife who at that time was still 'Ms.' Wifey.

I appreciate the proceedings of convocations and graduation ceremonies in precedence of one's educational progress; and believe that events such as these are worthy telltales in the epitome of one's many defining moments in life. We thrive on these profound junctures and often these occasions sculpt the course of where and what we do for the next decade or so.

That's why it is important for us to embrace within the festivity of these things. We often underestimate the degree of small things and overlook serendipity as something adequately numinous in our lives. But it is these small things; like picking the perfect dress and attire for the day, putting up the graduation robe for the first time, lining up upon entering the graduation hall and even going through the effort of putting on some cologne - plays an important part in one's vocation and aspirations.

So to all those whom are looking forward to theirs one day - it doesn't matter if you sweat in layers and layers of clothing on a humid day, running up and down like a mad person during the proceedings, or fighting off a nervous writ upon having no idea how to bring yourself on the stage. It also doesn't matter whether it rains or shine on the day that you finally become a graduate - do not let anyone rain on your parade and steal your thunder. Because this day is YOUR day, and to no one it matters most but yours truly.

Happy Graduation to all new graduates around - congratulations and many happy returns. Welcome to the REAL world.


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Anonymous said...


We'll all come over for your PhD Convo....ada konvo ke?

I remember that day. Even though not all of us were there, but it was nevertheless a very proud day for me. It never cease to amaze me how someone as looney as you can turn out to be brilliant!