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Friday, October 29, 2010

"The one with the Pentatonic Scale of the human mind..."

I am often curious towards the complexity, intricacies and elaborateness of the human mind. Both on conscious as well as sub-conscious levels - each human mind is an exclusive entity, from which our every social interactions with the world are shaped. Even scientific discourses affirm that identical twins could also acquire mindsets unique of their own; characteristic of God's authentication that we are all products of our own affirmation.

Which is why I found Bobby McFerrin's interpretation on the universal concept of the pentatonic scale in application to the human mind - simply awesome and beautiful. The power of anticipation and expectation, vividly portrayed in applied form.

For those who can't seem to place Bobby in recollection - he's a Grammy-awarded vocalist and orchestra conductor who gave us the iconic tune "Don't Worry Be Happy" in the 1980s. This video stands a complete apotheosis; that even though we all confer solitary minds, but we still share a sorta kindred, cognitive route of thinking.

In that sense, we may not be so different after all



Anonymous said...

Amaizing, i like it :))))
I wish be hated or feel loving someone :)

Algin said...

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