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Thursday, September 02, 2010

"The one with Ramadhan's many blessings..."

Wisdom apprises us that time indeed flies, when one is laborious. Alhamdulillah, Muslims are within the last 10-days or Ramadhan; a period which should epitomize our spiritual worships and dedication to Allah swt.

In a world tainted with an increasing fear and ignorance of Islam, Ramadhan offers us with the opportunity to infer the intricacies of God's grand plan for all of us. Push comes to shove, it is within this month that He imparts a coincidental wisdom; that those who believe (in Allah) will indefinitely be tested (at least) once in their lifetime. This year I am thankful to God for all the blessings and benedictions he's given me, though in their intricacies unconventional. This year I learned that the competence of faith, the spirit in giving and sharing, the aptitude of selfless sacrifice bears fruition in the uncanniest of ways. These distinctions are those that rewards not in the face of physical gratification, but accolades of something much more - spiritual and emotional contentment.

There's a somewhat greater sense of fulfillment of achieving contentment in our lives. I recalled a few years back; asking a teacher in his golden years, of what aspired him a carrier that does not hold financial gratification nor grandeur proportions. He smiled and replied,

"...the greatest gift you get out of teaching is the ability to impart knowledge into others, and enlighten them into bettered individuals. It matters not what they turn out to be, but it matters most how they came to be. By giving you get more back, although in ways we don't necessarily look for - but ironically that's the thing that keeps us going the most. You will find later on in your academic carrier, that it is not money which keeps you a teacher. It's those simple words you get at every convocation years from your students, saying;

Thank you very much for all you've done for us during the past years. We would not have been where we are without your help and guidance..

..which keeps you going."

This Ramadhan, God has blessed me with the patience to accept people for who they are. To accept things as what it's been. To offer prayers in spite of disgust; to seek repentance in the face of remorse; to seek solace that everything that happens, happens for a reason - though in ways we don't or won't understand. These are values that I've learned this Ramadhan, and with that I feel more contented with myself and what I have. Sometimes it is easy for us to be wanting to live other people's lives, than to appreciate ours which is the best for us; for this is the life God has endowed us with - and only He knows what's best for His beings.

That is why I am thankful that God has made it easy for me to give, to share, and to help others without the thought of reciprocation this Ramadhan. With that I confer the opportunity to become a more pious servant Muslim, and a better person. I'd like to share with you Maher Zain's montage I watched earlier this month, which contents moved me to tears.

My late grandmother used to tell me; that when you feel poorest, give the most. When you feel the richest, give even more. When you are at your happiest, pray and be thankful to Allah. When you are at your angriest, you pray even more.


P.S : That being said, I can't wait to be home this Aidilfitri amongst my dearest wife and family!


atifabdullah said...

Is it just me or there's a problem while uploading the montage...tak nmpak ape2 pun...=)

PakTam said...

The life we live is the best for us - untuk cari bekalan. PakTam punya favourite is iklan ni:

Enjoy your Eid in Msia!


p.s. - Atif, PakTam rasa OK je youtube tu. Of course la, internet speed kat sini macam Watson Nyambek! Heh2..