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Saturday, August 21, 2010

"The one about the surgery..."

Updates on Kak Evana : From my visit at The Alfred last afternoon - she appears to be in a stable and safe condition, being able to open her eyes and respond (although quite slowly) to us mentioning her name and a bout of simple conversations. For those inclined to pay her a visit, she currently resides in the main ward's 2nd floor; Bed 35 of The Alfred Hospital. Because of the nature of her ward, only two visitors are allowed at once to her bed but she can receive continuous visits throughout the day.

Kak Evana went into the operating theater on the wee hours of last morning at 7.30am and the endeavor lasted a proceeding 5-6 hours later. Her surgeons believe she is currently making ample and great progress, treading full recovery. The surgery went well and Alhamdulillah they were able to successfully remove all of the deviant tumor on her brain. Thank you to Kak Noor, Husna, Sha, Shariman and all others whom had graciously devoted their time and help since earlier this week.

Kak Evana's parents are currently in Malaysia Hall, having already met her this morning and debriefed upon her latest condition. They shall be staying over there for the next few days or until Kak Evana is fit to be dismissed from the hospital later throughout the week or so. My last conversation with Sha revealed a much capable and vigorous Kak Evana - she appears to have already re-developed a penchant for her palate and had the desire for fried mee! Thanks Sha for the update.

Our prayers follow her unceasingly, trailing upon her steadfast recovery insyaAllah.


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