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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"The one about the acceptance of things..."

The past 2-3 weeks or so has been testament to an arduous exercise of lab work, house hunting, appliance searching, and cleaning chores. Much to my defeatist pessimist persona, it wasn't the most comfortable nor convenient time I've ever spent; but the fruit consequence of this taxing journey, was dignified nonetheless. I have very few to grumble about at the moment; work's been progressing (slow but moving), I live in convenient proximity to uni, most basic appliances are up and running in the new dwelling but for most of them all, the whole process of moving has been surprisingly pleasant.

Gathering stuff for the new house has been an experience in itself; met quite a sum of people, made contact and initiated friendships in the same time. Shared stories, exchanged ideas and some even offered unconditional help. It's good to be constantly reminded of the kindness and forbearance of people - even strangers once in a while. I feel it gives you emotional composure amidst stormy paradoxes in your life; and it rather puts you at place in contentment over whatever circumstances you're in. When we share the conditions of others we increase our empathy on things, and acquire a heightened sense of security. But I guess because social interaction is already therapy in itself, having any sort of effortless conversation with anyone would already be an ameliorative regime.

Sometimes, in our darkest days we tend to follow suit into our own antagonistic view of our lives, and try to put blame on aspects that are beyond our control. In preposition of such things, we seek clarity and demand explanation over our afflictions without looking past the reason behind each adversity we face, or fall upon. I remain an aficionado that nothing happens by chance, and that everything transpires for an equal purpose. The past teaches us that most circumstances necessitate no demands for reasoning, but instead require our acceptance of it being. It is when we learn to accept the fact of our fates, that we then be able to learn something from it - and through that react accordingly. A mentor of mine once said that every challenge and hardship thrown to us in life; is like a parcel of knowledge waiting to be unwound. The passing of this parcel, in turn gives us a great gift - called wisdom.

When we accept the trials and tribulations put ahead to us, we learn to make full use of the conditions we are put on. When we have learned to achieve this; we have nothing to lose, but have everything to gain.

It is on this note that I'll always be reminding myself and others for support; for this year will be most challenging - much more than it was the previous.


P/S : La Trobe hadn't changed much since my last departure; sure its slowly filling up with students starting their semesters in Mac, and everything's paced down following year end holidays and early year stigmas - but the people are still nice, my colleagues and office mates are as helpful, supportive and great as usual. It's good to be back.


Anonymous said...


Ur abode looks magnificent! I'm sure the inside is very cosy, knowing ur talent in interior decor...At least it keeps u busy, apart from lab work.

I'm enjoying playing "baby sitter" to ur wife. She's a gem to have around the house..helps liven things up, especially during weekdays when there's only me, Andi and luckily Afzal!

I'm not particularly happy about things at the moment because I feel I should apend more time with Afzal...but it's just impossible to take time off without encountering the wrath of my bosses. I'm looking forward to next week...a 4-day reprieve in the form of Chinese New Year break..papa n Tiqah are coming back, so our family is nearly complete!

Take care and keep furbishing ur nest...Fifah is trying very hard to make sure she finishes in time to join u in Mac...mama

Anonymous said...


Yesterday we watched ur "How Do I Begin..." wedding video and after seeing ur face everywhere, I miss u so much la pulak. I'm sure ur wife feels the same.

Anyway, jus an update on Afzal. Every morning, I make it a point to give him breakfast early - carrot n apple juice, green tea n whatever solid food that he can eat. After that he will usually sleep because he would have taken his ubat gatal that makes him very drowsy. At least I know his stomach is full because he can sleep through the whole morning at times. A few friends from Sheffield n Manchester have been coming to visit him. As usual one will not detect that he is not well by chatting with him because he is still his usual self.

One good thing about having to wake up early to cater for Afzal's needs is that I've found out I can be a morning person. It is nice to stay up after suboh prayers n start my household chores early. By 8am I can do other things like write this entry, watch some tv and even take anap, without feeling guilty that I've neglected my family.

p/s:did u remember to wish andi birthday yesterday?

Andi said...

bile nak update ni? or maybe ur busy with work...

Anonymous said...

Dia busy melengkapkan love's nest la.....mama