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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"The one with a brother's ordeal.."

Concerning the lack of updates for the past month, caring and thoughtful acquaintances have been asking me as to the lucidity of its reason. Well, in spite of everything that has transcended - at the moment I feel incompetent of penning down any recent endeavors following my very brief hiatus. It's a complex blame game of assiduous tasks versus time at hand, but has in its majority been mostly affected by the condition of someone I herald most dear.

And, in his own words - eventually it would be due time for everyone to know. Read his latest update, and the beginning of probably his hardest of battles.

Chemoboy's "Not the Primrose Path - Time to say goodbye..".

For those who can concur, it truly is a disheartening and demoralizing thought for a brother to acknowledge the dismay he's going through. But if there's something I always believe is true - miracles happen in light of our hardest effort, and God rewards those who retain their faith in darkest hours with His greatest gifts.

We extend our thank yous to everyone who've lent their care and support to chemoboy since his diagnosis in Dec 2008; feats we can never repay with apart from our undying gratitude. In that retrospect, we ask for prayers from everyone friend and family, those who know Dr Mas Afzal for his well-being. InsyaAllah, he will not be alone in this fight. InsyaAllah, he will be aided by those who love and care for him. And this time, it'll be on home soil.

God does not try His servants challenges they cannot sustain; but he rewards their efforts with riches beyond their expectations. If chemoboy can learn to accept this; it is a shame for me to be a pessimist nonetheless.


P.S : Prayers and doa for chemoboy, hopefully this will be a fight we'll win in the end, insyaAllah.


LiTtLe SoLdieR oF aLmiGhTy said...

salam.. i'm the one who follow abg afzal's blog.. i dont noe why but i'm feel like crying when read his blog and also your pengorbanan for him.. May Allah bless both of you and also family :) prayers always there for him..

SuMmeR_Ra|n said...

hi jep, will keep u, ur bro and ur whole family in prayers. God bless.