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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"The one about all the thank you's..."

This post has definitely conceived irrefutable delay. Forgive me for the hiatus, as I'm recovering from a very, very busy and eventful of months.

The past month has been, in bleakest of descriptions - a tenacious roller coaster ride. In its entirety the passing weeks within it has been both rewarding and trying; shape-shifting amongst themselves reciprocally. There would be times where both me and (now Mrs.) Fifah felt powerless, overwhelmed by all the details, nooks and crannies of the wedding preparations, albeit prone to a niche we have the least experience of. There would also be moments where all we craved was a bit of time out; a repose, respite from everything. Lest the journey be forgotten, it may have been hard at times - but for what seems a calamity of challenges and anguish, it was definitely worth all the grit and effort.

Yes, getting married, of all its cliches' and platitude stereotypes - has been one of the biggest blessings Allah Al-Mighty has bestowed in my life. There is no one I'd rather spend the rest of my life with but my dearest Fifah. If one were to measure heights of happiness before and after marriage, they would've have to scale it proximal of Everest and beyond - but would still end up short of dignified proportion. Us newlyweds couldn't have asked for anything more perfect; from the humble, warm and simple but meaningful nikah to the wonderful, sweet and celebrious reception on both halves. The memories mellowed lie an immortal part of our lives, as in it we tread a new path and seek a new beginning.

Roses and daisies aside - this post is especially meant for those who had made the journey worthwhile for the both of us. Individuals, whom without their company, support and heartfelt efforts; we would not have been where we are, experienced on what has been, feeling so happy and content, under the melancholy that is love and selfless devotion. This, is a post dedicated to our families; hers and mine, who had constantly been living examples of why kinship is indeed God's immortal gift to us. My sincerest, most heartfelt gratitude to all of those who have pledged their time and commitment towards the realization of our wedding.

To my in-laws, my new-found parents whom I'd learned to love over the past years - to Abah and Mak. Thank you for all your advice and support, your understanding on everything. You have made for me a smooth transition, and my heartfelt gratitude for taking me as your own. Thank you for always being so accommodating, and hopefully I'll be able to be as good a son-in-law as it is your own.

To my brothers and sisters-in-law; Sarah, Ina, Aiman, Aizudin and Iera. You are to me, like my own siblings. Thank you for accepting me into your lives as naturally as I have yours into mine, for sharing us your laughter, warmth and company.

To my extended family - aunts, uncles and cousins. You are the backbone of the whole wedding; without your conceived care and zealous engagement, the past month would had never been the triumphant reality that it is - meaningful, significant, sweet, wonderful and every bit a success story. You have been with me through trials and tribulations of the proceedings, catering to every detail and peculiarity.

Special mention to Asyraf, Yah and Nabila for their valiant efforts of rendering Lot 18 Tmn Orkid livable and hospitable. Few possess such patience and diligence that you've exhibited, and for that I am duly in debt to all of you. Thank you as well to Assif@Along whom had become such a wonderful best-man at the Seri Petaling reception.

My deepest appreciations go to Makde, whom had tirelessly designed and worked through the realizations of all my hantarans and dulangs over such short notice and time span. Many have praised over your work; pieces I've personally felt are worthy of comparison to a commercial professional's touch.

To my personal hall organizers/floor manager and Pak Andam, MakTeh and PakTeh - thank you very much for making it a smooth reception and in that a celebrated one as well. I have had reservations before on the hall and location, but like the geniuses you both are you've managed to make lemonade from lemon. Simply a sublime delivery and top-notch improvisation on the event, not to mention the food which everyone can only describe as being 'sedap-giler'. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

To our family far away wishing us only wonderful thoughts - the DPP clan PakTam, MakTam and Ainul; thank you for your kind wishes and thoughtful video message. It's a pain not having you guys around especially to bask in the merriness of things, but we seek solace in the consolation that all is well with you there and that we could share every inch of celebration we had with you in spirit.

To my siblings who shared my childhood memories and grown-up dreams; Andi, Afzal, Aiysha and Tiqah. Because of you, everything is worth doing, everything is worth striving for.

Thank you to Tiqah, who spearheaded the whole process of revamping Tmn Orkid and for never saying no to my every request. My most grateful recognition to Aiysha, who received the challenge of being both the family photographer and being in the director's seat for the video presentation. You've sweat and composed yourself through countless smirks, comments, annotations and criticism - but rest assured that the final product was everything that I've hoped for, and far more. Thank you for keeping abreast of your emotions, and favoring everyone else's opinions above yours.

My acknowledgments and graciousness go to my right-hand man, my dear brother Andi. Thank you very much for always being there for me, for making sure everything went well. For always putting my needs above others, for looking into details others often overlooked. My induction towards the whole endeavor becomes more tolerable because of you, and in that note I'm forever in your debt. To my dearest most missed chemoboy - Dr. Afzal; your message had drawn me to tears, thank you very much for such an endearing wish. I know that you would've given up anything to be here for the wedding; but in respite of things, we both now understand of how intricate God's plans are for the both of us, and that whatever happened, happens for a reason. What transpires, are God's best fates for the both of us. InsyaAllah, I'm sure when your time comes, we'll be united once again. This, is my promise to you my brother.

Someone once quoted to me that, parents are people not to lean onto, but instead those to make leaning unnecessary. But what would I do, but feel so lost without my most treasured pair in the world, my mom and dad. You both have been with me, garnering and fostering your support and love to us from our love's inception. You've been our solid rock; a temple of faith and myriad advices reminding us of why we yearn for each other so much. Both of you showed us the meaning of love; limitless empathy and borderless compassion which knows no bounds.

To my father, Papa - thank you very much for keeping things real for me, for constantly putting my feet firmly on the grounding. Your foresight and insights on life after marriage will undoubtedly be a tome I'll cherish the rest of my life. We love you very much.

And lastly, to my beloved mom. As I am to you your biggest treasure, know that to me you will always be my most celebrated hero. You have been our biggest supporter, the person who has never failed to give us the motivation and strive, from our courtship till our vows. Your kindest of thoughts and gesture knows no limits, and thank you very much for all the things that you've sacrificed for us.

You were the one who taught me what matters the most is not monetary things, but the heritage that binds a family. You were also the one that instilled in me, that money can always be earned, but a family is a given treasure you can no longer seek. Our wedding would have never been how it was without all your ideas and efforts, and neither would it convey such meaning without your blessings. Thank you for always looking at the positive side of things, for always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, but most entirely for always being so selfless for others rather than yourself. We love you so so much, and will forever be indebted to you. Syurga itu terletak di tapak kaki ibu. Redhanya seorang ibu adalah pemberian teragung bagi seorang anak, dan dengan itu haruslah dia sentiasa meletakkan padanya setinggi-tinggi hormat.

My sincerest appreciation to everyone, friends and family, who've also lent a helping hand towards the wedding and passed warm wishes, whom are far too many for me to personally thank in this space. This was a wedding built on love, sailed on passion and insyaAllah left with deep humility and celebration. It was a sufficient dose of delivery and elaborateness, embedded with all the warmth and meaningfulness one could muster to receive. If thanks are the highest form of thought, and gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder - we wish everyone all the wonders and infinite happiness of the world.

"Kalau ada jarum yang patah, jangan disimpan di dalam peti. Kalau ada silap dan salah, jangan disimpan di dalam hati.."

From the bottom of our hearts - Thank you everyone, and thank you all.



Wa aka Wawek aka Siti ;) said...

I'm on the "rollercoaster" now and being in this state of mind, sebak giler bace your entry...huhuhu... You guys look so so wonderful. Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat!

PakTam said...

Alhamdulillah. Syukur ke hadrat Allah SWT. Segala urusan majlis pernikahan berjalan lancar & dalam suasana gembira!

PakTam sangat2 gembira & terharu kerana kita seisi keluarga bekerjasama menjayakan suatu majlis yang sangat besar ertinya (walaupun PakTam, MakTam & Ainul hanya mampu "bekerjasama" dari jauh aje..). Keakraban hubungan kekeluargaan dan tolong-menolong sesama kita ini memang suatu Rahmat yang Allah anugerahkan kepada kita. Peliharalah hubungan yang baik ini & jangan lupakan budi baik adik beradik & keluarga kita.

Bila kita diuji dengan ujian2 yang melibatkan adik beradik dan keluarga kita, ingatlah hubungan yang baik ini, terutamanya ibu & bapa.

PakTam, MakTam & Ainul mendoakan kebahagiaan Jep & Fifah.

Jangan lupa..., lepas ni kita kumpulkan tenaga & usaha pulak untuk membantu menjayakan majlis Sarah & Izu. Again, PakTam, MakTam & Ainul "membantu" dari jauh aje..


Anonymous said...

Just passing by...brilliant piece of writing! Allah bless.....

JeP said...

Thanks! ;D