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Monday, August 10, 2009

"The one where your steps fall onto your mother soil..."

As I take a step forward pass the automatic sliding door, I'm greeted by screeching tires and the deafening sounds of car honks. The atmosphere is basked in a haze of gray dust; the scent is an ambient concoction of asphalt and smoke. As my hair catches a wheeze of the wind and sweeps across my skin, they pay tribute to the awesome, sweat-inducing tropical heat.

It's hard to find any valid reason in the scenery to show love. To employ affection. To miss. But that's just it. I miss this heat - as much as I miss perspiring and sweating like a pig. I miss this thick, intoxicating smoke and haze - as much as I miss complaining about the erratic and unstable weather. I miss the people and their dramatic antics - as much as I miss a decent conversation with a fellow countrymen. It is within this premise, that the idiom goes - Home, is where the heart is.

I miss all this. I've been astray from it for quite some time.

As my eyes falls from its asunder, it keeps tabs on the rustle and bustle of people and crowds all over. Screaming. Bantering. Speaking in languages most would regard as much less of being polite; expressions far from showing empathy onto another. As I reach for my bag and tucked into my pockets, I breathe a long, deep breath.

I am home. This, is my land.

My Malaysia.


P/S : Sorry for the late update guys! I've been here for a week, but has since taken aback by preparations (and other irrelevant stuff!) for tomorrow's proceedings. I'll promise more updates once I catch my breath and get some time to myself 'aight?

*Shoutouts to my peeps in Bundoora! Have you guys missed me yet? :p


Anonymous said...

Lantai tu macam kat Sri Petaling, sate tu macam sate Hj Samuri.

Looked like korang singgah Awan Besar beli sate, pastu makan kat rumah. =)

Welcome home bro.


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...
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Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

OO ada kat M'sia juge praying for rain everyday..he..he..he

Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...
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