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Monday, August 17, 2009

"The one with the hangover from your brief hiatus..."

It's hard to comprehend that two weeks ago I was lounging the confines of my own home, eating all things Malaysian and having all sorts of things on my list to do. Everything felt so common, compelling and content. For a fortnight I felt a definite sense of security and freedom; the world was my oyster, and time was its only limitation.

My only wish then was for me to have more of it to go by, though.

Today, I woke up to my usual alarm clock - and acknowledging the fact that I need to be on my feet to the lab in an hour's time. My daily routine had to be planned prior; flexibility often plays second-hand when you're a postgraduate student. On weekdays you thrive on the thought of the coming weekend, but as they pass along so fast you dread the coming of a new Monday. It's life, as usual in Bundoora. Don't get me wrong though; my thoughts exude clarity on this reality, but like every other human being on earth - your heart always yearns for exodus from all things commitment and work.

Looking back on my last trip - it was tiring and everything felt rushed. But the experience was sublime; an intoxicating render of fun, excitement, joy and satisfaction. I did a lot that 2-weeks. A LOT of stuff.

I watched a friend strut her stuff on stage (and in the process got star-strucked).

I witnessed a family member get hitched.

I've enjoyed food with companions I can only long for in Melbourne.

I kept up to tabs with old friends, old mentors; my cherished 2nd-families.

Spent substantial time with my family, and be reminded how I am so blessed to have them around in my life.

Celebrated the coming of age for a few of them, in our usual merry ways.

And in the process, added another qualification into my resume.

But most importantly, I've spent my 2-weeks making up for lost time with the woman I love the most (after my mom, that is!) - thank sayang, for always sparing your every free time with me.

My fiance, and insyaAllah - my future wife.

The trip may have been brief, but its moments were indeed immortal. My many thanks go to everyone back home; whom had reminded me that although I am very far away - I am always near to their hearts. From the bottom of my heart, terima kasih daun keladi.



Pengir@n Kudos said...

Sori x dpt jumpa jumaat... ada hal.. anyway..hope jumpa ko kawen nanti...

You Know Who said...

"My many thanks go to everyone back home; whom had reminded me that although I am very far away-I am always near to their hearts." about the 3 hours on the phone with me...JERK!!! hahaha...just kidding...u know me...congratulations once again

JeP said...

Oh yeah, and you too Mok. Thanks for the 3-hours low-cred inducing phone call. Appreciate it a lot!! :D