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Thursday, January 22, 2009

"The one week post chemo dose three..."

For some particular reason the connection's not up to par at the moment here in Broomhall, which hinders my plans to upload pictures for this post. So, in anticipation that broadband speeds shall pick up later I'll just have to be satisfied with the usual prompt and boring texts. Sorry, but please bear with me.

The week post chemo dose three has reached its forth day, and as opposed to the previous two doses this would be Afzal's penultimate bad day - or flat day as I'd like to refer it to. So far the pattern has been quite consistent; days three and four would be the worst for him, while flanked by a day in between which he'll be fine nevertheless. However, this third time coming the pattern has somewhat changed slightly. Of course, with regards of Afzal being more and more apprehensive coming into the latent periods of the chemo regime; I've expected less resistance from him as he succumbs more to the ABVD effects dosage by dosage. Day one post chemo had already shown some effects on him in terms of energy; he was drawn tired by the end of day. However, he still had his appetite up and I quickly took the opportunity to ration him with as much protein possible to aid in his body's recovery.

Day two post chemo was as usual as the previous doses; where he spent a major part of the day in bed. Before each meal he'd taken his domperidone meds to facilitate his apetite, but he'd reduced his doses to half of what he'd usually take. I found this to be of two things; either he has shaken off the need for the extra dose, or he is teaching his body to adapt against the dependancy for the anti-nausea drug. Whatever it was, I left this to his own judgement as I trusted his more than mine. He had his meals in his room, as usual and I made sure he at least had a fraction of them. I have a feeling he hated my hesitant approach, but he still puckered up the patience against choking me and most of the time gulped anything I gave him. Last night he salvaged the energy to have dinner with us in the living room; eating the Tom Yam fried rice abg Azhar and myself cooked out of leftovers in the fridge.

I do hope that my lame cooking skills live up to his taste though. No complaints yet.

I found that his appetite grows more for breakfast, so this morning I cooked an English breakfast which consisted with the usual scrambled eggs, sausages and a toast of english muffins to a serving of his favorite Somerfield orange juice. It took quite a while to pester him into eating it but in the end he finished most of his breakfast. He mentioned that this time around, it's not so much of the lethargic episodes that brings him down - but it has been more of due to his nauseas. Hopefully he'll pull through and would have the much needed energy to go for Friday prayers tommorow.

I'm attempting another round of beef stew today; and this umpteenth time I've opted a few 'redneck' modifications in order to make the stew more thick and rich, so I hope he'll like it. These are one of those meals that I think would help pick him up, insyaAllah. I just hope he'll have to stomach for it by then.

Thanks for all your doa's people. Please find time to pray that he be bestowed the faith and courage to fight through this ordeal of his, and that he shall do so with the strength to stride on tirelessly. I know it's hard for him, but by God's will this shall bear testament of his devotion to Him and His tests.

I remember him telling me a year ago, that all suffering God gives His subjects are a chance of purification which we are entitled to. InsyaAllah, this is Afzal's opportunity and he shall go through it triumphed and unbattered.



Anonymous said...

Beef stew Jep terbaik! Boleh mencabar beef stew mama. =) -chemoboy-

Anonymous said...

Hey, he still has a sense of humour! You guys take care over there, especially you chemoboy! =) We will keep praying to Allah for your speedy recovery.

love n good wishes,
chemoboy's beef stew chef's fiancee

p/s. his beef stew is really tht good? ru sure? my interest is piqued.. :P