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Saturday, January 24, 2009

"The one with the exam results..."

Alhamdulillah, God also gives back to those who have stood His tests.

Today, Afzal had gathered all his strength to go for yet another ascend for Friday prayers. Against all odds, today was also the day his final exam results get published at the Medical School. A trip to the mosque was proceeded with a quick detour to check whether he had gone through.

He had successfully passed his exams!

I'm very happy indeed for him, and by the looks of it Afzal shares my ecstaticism as well. He has indeed work doubly hard to achieve such a feat, and by all means his deterrance has been justified. If anyone deserves this more than anything, it'd be him. What can I say, I've always prayed for the best for everyone in my family and suffice to say quite a lot for him as well. Congratulations chemoboy, syukur Alhamdulillah. All those sleepless nights and hard work, coupled with battling against lethargy and nausea - the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

For this triumphant victory, he has much reason to celebrate. Today, as reward he decided to treat himself an outing for dinner with his med-colleagues in Wicker Street. Both himself and Yousuf extend invitations for me but I humbly declined. I believe that this moment is for Afzal, and he deserves his own time to bask in the sun for the moment. For once, I would like him to enjoy all his accords selflessly, without me in the picture to think or worry about. He still has quite a long road ahead of him, and the whole world to look forward to. But as for now, let him enjoy the fruits that he has sown.

Good things happen for good people; those who seek it.


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