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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"The one with Chemo Dose Three..."

As planned, today Afzal had successfully finished his concurrent third dose of his chemotherapy treatment regime. It's day 30 of treatment, and Alhamdulillah things went fine today at the hospital. We were, as usual late to arrive at the Hematology Day Ward on floor O of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital but then again our punctuality wasn't so significant that it became a requirement.

Today's morning was a mixture of cold temperatures, with the usual freezing wind. It's been raining quite often these few days; luckily the rain managed to subside into mists by the time we made our way uphill to Royal Hallamshire. Tempting the slowly plummeting climate, I was still made optimistic about my chances of eating snow in the next few days (*fingers crossed*).

One key difference during this chemo round was that Afzal needn't the valor of hitting his revisions prior waiting. Much to his resentment, he found it harder this time to pass time. Another thing that bugged him today was the fact that it took quite a while for the nurses to put his cannula in - at one point he even hesitated to ring his medical student colleague to do the honors. After 20 minutes, and five nicks the resemblance of mosquito bites on both his arms he was infused with the usual saline bag.

Dr. Morley, Afzal's consultant doctor made his regular check-ups - this time accompanied by another doctor and the hospital's specialist nurse Helen. Alhamdulillah, he concluded that there was a significant shrink in lump size on Afzal's neck. According to Dr. Morley, it has most probably shrunken to smaller masses the size of peas; clear indication that the treatment has provided considerable positive effects into the whole regime. At the start of the chemo course, Afzal had a neck lump which was a diameter of 6-8cm wide.

Today Afzal received his ABVD infusions almost an hour earlier than last time; by 2.30pm the IV drips were already ready for administration. After a gruelling, boring six hours warded we headed home at approximately 4pm before the sun sets.

InsyaAllah, from the past two doses we're expecting a challenging week ahead. Dr. Morley gave us the heads up that this time Afzal might be going through his allopecia episodes; a subsequent side effect from the drugs he's on. Expect to see a more Vin Diesel-like Afzal in the next posts to come. Somehow I have a feeling this is not something he's looking too keen about. But then again, it's just hair. It'll regrow. For all we know, he might sport that look.

Keep on praying for his speedy recovery people, and thanks for all the doa's on his favor. Keep them coming, and insyaAllah he'll return to his feet in no time.


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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work of looking after Afzal. I'm so proud of you. I'm so fortunate to be blessed with 5 wonderful n beautiful children. Words can't describe how much I wish to be there right now. My prayers accompany your every step up that hill from Filey Street to Royal Hallamshire. Love, mama n papa.