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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"The one with London..."

Week one in UK proved to be quite an experience. From the icy climate and chilly weather, to the atmosphere of caucasians. It really does put things into perspective. Thanks to Afzal, we'd covered almost all London has to offer. So that's something off the checklist of things to do.

Thanks to my sweetheart's camera, lemme share some of the many (many more) pictures we took that day;

Hyde Park would amaze even the most kampung-est of Malaysians, as it encompasses a massive area of land. Sure we have parks similar in scale back in KL but it just amazes me how well looked after it was. In the grandeur of things, Hyde Park doesn't fail in offering a place where you can not only jog, but also relax at. Plus, in trade of the usual abudance of monyets we have back home, squirrels roam free throughout its confines here.

Of course, you can never claim touring the whole of London until you've taken at least one picture of its finest double-deckered buses. 

The hall that graced its walls to two of our fellow Malaysians.

We may have our Bangunan Parlimen, but they have Big Ben.

I didn't actually ask the owners of this shop whether they'd known that yumchaa actually means brunch, or "minum-minum" back home.

Mum insisted I take a picture with this street performer, which was a huge sport in Covent Square.

All in all, London was great. You'll need more than a day to fully apreciate most of the attractions it has on offer, but Alhamdulillah we covered the musts and have's in just a day. It does help when Afzal knows most of the places by heart. We should be paying him for touring us all over.


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