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Saturday, December 27, 2008

"The one with post-chemo dose one..."

Post-chemo dose one was quite an eye-opener.

Alhamdulillah, today's the 4th day post-first dose, and Afzal has had the energy to walk around the house and even hit the books for his revisions. God knows how trying it was, not only for me and mom, but definitely for him. A huge part of me was praying for strength not in myself, but in him. It is definitely not easy being him, and to see that he's making the effort of fighting through it gives me the courage to remain strong here for his support.

Day one post-dose he had no problems whatsoever going about his activities, where there was no sign of abnormalities in anything he did. We were glad, but definitely cautious that this was indeed the calm before the storm. In true test of things, we were dead right. Day two Afzal showed real fatigue, as he struggled to make Subuh prayers with me. I know that this lad's strong at will and body, so I assumed that the drugs had really kicked in that day. He was in bed for most of the time, and rarely ever stood up for nothing but the loo and food. With the help of mom, we offered him all our support by providing any means to make him feel more comfortable. At the back of our minds, we needed to make sure that he gets all the nutrients he'll need and that means not missing up on any meals of the day.

Day three Afzal's spirit picked up and he had the energy to move around, although at minimal circumsference. Although still lethargic, as he spent a lot of time in bed, he looked far better than the day before. Again, mom and I made sure that he at least had his three meals of the day. Alhamdulillah, God still granted him desire for food.

Today, he's shown great recovery. Able to have meals in the living room, and spending time watching TV meant that his condition's steadily picking up. Hopefully tommorow shall shed better light. Both mom and I still have our worries for him, but we're proud that he has the courage to brave it all out so far. There're still a lot of doses to come, but by God's will he shall be tackling every one head on strong.



P/S : In light of Afzal's speedy recovery, mom and I decided to pay Meadow Hall a visit today. It's supposedly one of the largest malls in Europe. More on this through my next post later.


wa said...

Glad everything went well for you; the flight to London and also afzal's treatment. InsyaAllah, stay positive and everyting will be fine. Lots of strength and prayers from Msia. Take care!!!

Nik said...

Jep, syukur everything seems good for your brother. I'm now in Manchester on day 6, already bought a 2nd hand Honda Shuttle (Oddsey) year 2000 for £1995! I have a mobile number here: 07598899832