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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"The one with dose one..."

Alhamdulillah, today was Afzal's 1st dose of his treatment. Everything went well, although the wait was painfully long. We arrived at Royal Hallamshire Hospital about 5 minutes late from the designated 9.30am appointment. That however posed none a factor, as we were briefed by the medical staff that Afzal's drugs would only arrived by noon. Apparently when it comes to these sort of drugs, preparations are freshly made and done from another nearby hospital.

So there we were, anxiously awaiting the drugs to arrive. In due course, the consultant doctors on Afzal's case appropriately brought us up to speed on the treatment - carefully detailing what is to be expected, and anticipated throughout the next few weeks. At a point it seemed to much to muster, too heavy a burden to bear but upon further clarification we were ready to anything that lies our way.

Afzal was preceededly administered a mixture of normal saline and a drug-steroid combination to reduce any possible nausea and vomiting episodes that might be induced from administration of the ABVD regime he'll be put on. All through IV drip. He seemed overly relaxed, and didn't seem to be bothered.

For those curious, the black bag hanging on the IV drip is one of four ABVD drugs Afzal is supplied with, which took about an hour to finish.

Afzal has been very lucky to be bestowed with the presence of caring and warm Malaysians as well as close friends in Sheffield. Many came to visit as we were held at the ward from morning till about 4pm. Being abroad as well this time, I felt all the love these people had for him. He has been helping them a lot in the past and now his goods are due in return. In my mind I kept a thought that he is safely catered to, even when we won't be around in the future. There and then, I was also reminded of the power of good deeds. It does not hurt to help someone, even a complete stranger out of good faith. InsyaAllah our kindness shall be returned in full later on, if not soon enough. I am happy Afzal has all this blessings especially at times such as these.

Because of winter's nature of things, waking up at dawn meant starting your day at 7.30am. The day's cut short, where the sun sets at approximately 4.30pm. No wonder people get depressed during these times of the year; there's hardly any sun and enough time to bask in the sun.

Time to sleep, I suppose. Wait, it's just 6pm.

It's already pitch black outside. *sigh*



Andi said...

heheh, sabar jak la bos... preview of what u might go through la kot during winter in the southern hemisphere...
good to see Afzal responding well to treatment... keep us updated... take care of Mama, Afzal n urself... everyone kirim salam...

PakTam said...


Couldn't sleep since 4:30am tadi. Checked Afzal's and your blogs for updates. Feel better after reading your posts and seeing the pix.

I had a meeting with all the VCs last Wednesday (24.12.2008) (met your VC & Fifah's VC too) to brief them about the new Bill. All went well, with some dramas (usual thing in high-powered meet such as this).

After the meeting, returned call to Auntie Na (anak arwah Aki De - Kuantan. Her daughter is currently pursuing Med programme at Russia: ask Mama). Couldn't answered earlier when she called during the meeting. Talked about family matters. Then, since we were on the line, I told her about Afzal. Perhaps she in turn informed the rest of her family members.

We will proceed to Temerloh on Saturday for Pak Cik's betrothal, maybe after lunch at Gombak. Mak De requested for cakes & I had ordered Kek Lapis Sarawak from "Dayang Kek Lapis - Rawang".

OK. All doa for Afzal and you guys over there. Salaam to Mama. You guys take care.