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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"The one with Ramadhan 1429H, Part Dos..."

It's been a while. *cue britney song*
I apologize for not posting, but it comes with an excuse.

(Does being lazy count as a valid excuse?)

I've just returned from a-week's stint in KK last week to look over my younger sis Atiqah back home. She was inconveniently left home alone, and since it's Ramadhan nothing's worse than to buka puasa by yourself (as well as a bunch of kitties) in Tmn Orkid. Had quite a relaxing trip this time; I've been caught up with tremendous work before and to be able to just kick back was timely enough. Even had the opportunity to grace Fifah's house in Kuala Putatan thanks to her parents' invitation - I was undoubtly touched
by their many acts of kindness to us both, pertaining to my weeks' stay.

Terima kasih Uncle Ijap and Auntie Noriah, kami sayang bangat sama kamu.

The opportunity to experience Ramadhan i
n KK this time around brings back many fond memories of how it was during my schooldays. Haven't actually had the time to go around the Pasar Ramadhans but I was quick to reminisce how enjoyable puasa was when you're still in school. Not to mention you break fast an hour earlier than our counterparts in the Peninsula. And the anxious anticipation for Aidilfitri to arrive - us balik kampung in style (via plane la, that is). Of course back then a plane ride was an exclusive endeavour, not as affordable as nowadays. Looking back, we'd enjoyed the journey more than I do now. Now it's just a matter of getting on and off the plane in the soooooonest time possible.

Speaking about Ramadhan now, Kak Yatie@Kak Ngah was kind enough to have us for sungkai again this year as always. It's been more of like a tradition for my small family in ITMA to have buka puasa at her crib in Bangi every year. I enjoy these sorta moments, mainly because this is the only time you get to hang with your collegues outside the comforts of the workplace; the only time you get to break down any barriers and walls you put up during work. Enculcating my social-life, as I'd like to refer it to.

The most memorable moment is taking a group photo after dinner with everyone; at the VERY SAME SPOT, every year. Somehow that particular spot has been a shrine for this tradition in Kak Yatie's house. And as always a tradition as well, it's undeniably fun all the time. Thanks kak, for always having us each year.
The great thing about Ramadhan is the spirit of unity and togetherness it generates. To sum it up in a few words - jemputan buka posa. Yes, the many invitations you'd get to buka puasa with friends and family this month. To add up to the traditional Kak Yatie's, Fadil was also kind enough to invite us over for sungkai yesterday. I absolutely adore his parents; who're for one, very warm people. The food was also excellent, to say the least. We were joined by Azfar, Fitri and the gang, as well as his soon-to-be fiance. All in good spirit of Ramadhan.

Today it's buka puasa at Village View with the ITMA clan. Why do I have a feeling that fasting this year won't really make me lose weight, but rather gain it instead?

But anyways, like they say; rezeki jangan ditolak, right? Right.


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