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Monday, September 08, 2008

"The one with ramadhan 1429H, Part Uno...."

Things that I find, are true to the Ramadhan season in Malaysia, or KL to be more precise;

  1. The traffic is especially jammed most of the time. And I mean it in the literariest of senses. At least whenever I'm on the road though. Somehow, I figured that because we're fasting the masses thought that they could reach workplace earlier so therefore they'd set off for work faster than usual. I guess they're wrong.

  2. The pasar ramadhans all over are packed with people, even when it's raining cats and dogs! The irony is not that there wouldn't be enough food for everyone, but that there's just not enough variety in the menu. Most of the time, the only thing I see every left-right-corner glance is either a stall selling nasi campur, roti john or kebab. You'd have to travel through a few locations in order to get diversity in your sungkai everyday. 

   3. We still see impatient, angry drivers; come full force with all the usual swearing, cursing and the occasional finger-showing on the road.

   4.  It's funny to see more people 'beatbox-ing' now in Ramadhan, if you catch my groove.

   5. People showing up for work dusk early, only to disappear even earlier.

   6. What I love about Ramadhan - to be able to go for terawih at the suraus and masjids. I find that it calms you, in a way.

   7. During weekends, it's almost impossible to get into Mid Valley. Trivial, considering the main manner why people flock to the malls are for food, and it's off-season at the moment. Sometimes I wonder why it's especially crowded during these times, what possible reason would they have to come? But then again, I could be asking myself the very same question.

   8. Another thing that I miss is the serenity and sensation that Aidilfitri is coming, slowly taking pace throughout the month. That means you get to hear more raya-songs aired in the malls, and raya-decos being put up on display everywhere. The only season that we'll absolutely loves the tunes from the old - courtesy of Sanisah Junid, DJ Dave and their counterparts. Tis' the time to be green!

   9. The only month when I'll have difficulty getting a place in the mosque during Friday prayers.

 10. But, nothing beats the chance to sungkai with your family. Of course, this time around we don't have everyone on the table come Maghrib, but I'd cherish that opportunity every often that it comes by. I miss the hustle and bustle of mom's cooking, and my sibs preparing the table. All the comotion going to a complete standstill a few minutes before the azan. At that time, the look of all their faces shows sheer tranquilty and the true reason to feel blessed on this holiest of months; the honor of having a family.

If there's one thing I'd pray for this year, let it be for the unity of families, young and old, near and far. Syukran ya-jazilan ya Allah.


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wawa said...

I have to agree!!!with all of it. it's not just in KL..JB pun..huhuhu..and the best part of it all, i'm with my family. eventhough it's just 4 of us when it should be 14..minus the kids la..huhuhu..and yeah, the beat-boxingy..i'm 1 of them kot...huahuahua...