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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"The one with the phone call...."

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call. But not an ordinary phone call, it is.

Albeit being in anticipation of this particular caller for months, my heart still couldn't help but beat like an incessant drum with intensity that would, well, out-intensify even Blink 182's Travis Barker. Yes, this was no ridicule phone conversation I had had. It was, to put it into words; both a harbinger of doom and a spark of white light. An angel in the disguise of a dark messiah.

Uttering word by word that I felt came like eternity, his informative intentions were made crystal clear, clarifying me on what's to be. At a point, I almost feel that his sentences came preconceived and preemptive by my mind. I have been waiting. And waited, I have.

It is now time. Time to face what I've been waiting, and wanting all this while.

It has finally arrived.

I'm finally going for my viva voce.


p/s : I tend to dramatize things. Please excuse me, for I am left with boredom the mass of a small planet at this moment.


wa said...

Bile jep bile???bile viva??? huhuhuu...excuse me eh..i'm utterly bored here. no social life i'm here to bug u!!! hahaha... All the best, aight!!!

JeP said...

huhuhu...maner bleh kestau wa!

Nanti aku pn panik!!

Hehehehe....thanks for the wish tau.

wa said...

Mcm tu kah? tak mau kasik tau ye?? erm..takpela...huhuhu... Anyways, Good Luck & i know u can do it Jep!!! Gambatte!!! Btw, when everything's settled, jgn lupe war2 kan ye..? jgn nanti, tau2 jek dah takde kat mesia... :P

Mokrish said...

Poyo yang teramat-amat...typical of u to escalate the drama factor in you...wish you all the best...remember to wear the tie i gave u, it matches yer yellow come green shirt (apparently i have that colour too)...

good luck...and all the best

sarah said...

*sigh* finally huh!! ^_^