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Monday, September 29, 2008

"The one with the shock of my life..."

:: something funny that happened this morning ::

I woke up today to the sound of the usual morning-cresendo made by dogs chasing cars around my neighbourhood. As I reached for my mobile, I was utterly dismayed that it showed '9:00am' instead of the usual '6:20am' that I've set it to.

Sh*t!! I'm so late! Andi's sooooo going to kill me. To think that we've never been late before (minus a few really, really close calls) I wouldn't want to start the habit right now. Quickly stormed out of bed, to the toilet, pass the hallway to find me mom relaxing in the kitchen. Boy she must also be very late she's not even trying to make it to work. Anways, no time to think, continued my voyage to the loo - only to notice that now my car was GONE. 

Sh*t! Now I'm late, and my car's been car-napped.  Talk about the perfect start to my week.

But then, my worries came to a halting stop.

I finally realised that today, I was actually on leave, and Andi took my car to work. Darn old PTD still clocked in this week.




Anonymous said...

i miss you =(

JeP said...

i miss you too dearest...=(

Anonymous said...

hmmm....anonymous...who will that be...