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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The one with another green engagement..."

Dim's got the scoop on yet another friend threading down a similar path - Hezrina's engaged!

(L-R : Dim, Hez, Alief, Nadia)

Congratulations Hez, on your recent engagement! You looked absolutely glowing from the pictures and we're all very happy for you. We wish the both of you every inch of happiness, and all the best...:)

"Semoga tirai pertunangan dapat ditempuhi dengan bahagianya sehingga ke jinjang perkahwinan, insyaAllah..."



hezzy said...

thanks jeff :)

my kawin BOTH of you HAVE to be there ok?

JeP said...

just send us a card with our names on it, and we won't miss it for the world Hez!