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Friday, July 25, 2008

"The one with the belated wishes...."

July's always been an extra special month for me each year. That's because it is this time of the year that I get to celebrate the coming of age for three of the most profound individuals in my life; my Dad, my mother and my sister Aiysha;

Happy Birthday Dad! I'm sorry I couldn't personally celebrate your birthday this year in KK but always know that I have you in my prayers every day.

Happiest birthday wishes also dedicated to Mom and Aiysha!

We had the opportunity to celebrate them both at Swensens Subang, together with most of the crew - the PakTeh and PakTam clan, as well as Pakcik, Ahmad and of course my dearest Fifah. Aiysha's going to be around for quite some time now in KL, as she ventures now into varsity life. Looking forward to many more endeavors with her in the future, and anxiously awaiting Atiqah and Andi to join us soon. It'll be so much fun to have everyone around!

Speaking of which, these two never fail to carve a smile on my face every time I see them both. Cute!

Oh, by the way - guess what's different with Fifah today?


- JeP

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Pearl said...

WOW, Nur has her braces off already:-)Pretty Hot Babe Beware!!.....hehehe