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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"The one with the engagement pictures..."

Here we are - as promised..!

Pictures from last weekend's engagement. There's hundreds more from what I'm uploading here but I promise, with ample time (and patience) I'll put up some more in my future posts.


This might be one of my favorite pictures of the moment - me with my mom and my brothers.

People ask me - what's it like having a fiancee?

I can just smile. It's that good.



atan, ten, tun said...

fifah senyum meleret..siap buat jelingan manja pd camera.

Thinker said...

gmbr no 11 kalo akoo xsilap. ade awek pki bj kurung putih. sape tue? leh kenalan x? hehe. tlg la mmbr2 jepz!

Zee said...

Hey you! Salam! :) i was looking through your blog after a gazillion years and saw pics of ur big day! congrats!! i tried to call u when i was back recently..haha..but u were probably busy with the engagement preps and all.. mabrook to both of you! May Allah bless this love and strengthen your iman so that your lives ahead will be full of joy, love and barakah.. :D all the best to the friend that i've never met and to his beautiful fiancee that has painted beautiful colors in his life..