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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The one with taking a deep breath..."

Nothing like a good dose of reality to get you up and running. Up, and running with scissors that is. The government's out of money - so what's new?

I'm actually in the midst of preparing (attn: mind and paperwork) for my doctoral studies, which preferably, would be somewhere abroad. However presumably, within a remarkably questionable doubt - any possibility for overseas study would now be dim thanks to Pak Lah's genius statement that the governmental funding in various ministries would oversee a reasonable cut. Since the honorable PM sees that the development of academic prowess should take a back seat over those billion-ringgit, over-budgeted, useless so-called 'mega' projects, these cuts would also now include those of MOHE's pie.

Talk about irony (or hyprocisy!).

A few years back this very same person coherently talked about the importance of 'modal insan' as the core of his now slowly-declining BN governance.

But anyways, like any other law-abiding, peace loving 'humble' subjects, I just hope (with fingers crossed) that I'd be able to make the cut for any remaining SLAB scholarships for this (or next) year.

(With that out of my system) Onto a much lighter, 'fun' mode.....

(Warning : the next few paragraphs can induce sleepy sickness...)

I've had the opportunity to attend a workshop in UKM by the prominent Prof. Pramanik of IIT on Nanomaterials and their applications on the physical, chemical and biological fields. He's actuvely involved in nanotechnological research; with his many current work revolving around mesoporous and nanoscopic materials for delivery of therapeutics. Among one topic that he discussed over the two-day workshop, was the fabrication of site-specific nanoparticles based on two-systems delivery into cancer cells. Technological research regarding such systems are deemed substantially interesting due to the fact that we can synthetically engineer 'smart-molecules' from the ground up, and even top-down by nano-mechanics. I enjoyed his lectures, but my excitement was however short-lived.

What took me by surprise was not the profoundness in how Prof. Pramanik's lecture was conducted - but instead the fact that one of his research presentations was almost (if not entirely) identical to the research proposal I had prepared for my doctoral degree! Great...! So here I stand, now in deep sh*t, knowing that I'm potentially pursuing research that's now redundant. Prof. Zobir assured me that this only meant that I'm in the mindset of new, 'in-thing' researches, and that I should still pursue this as the basis for my PhD degree.

Looks like its back to the drawing board - but I have to admit, this might be something I'd enjoy. The possibility of discovery and the anxiousness, sudden rush for the pursuit of new knowledge. I'm that much of a geek; a nerd, in that sense.

Suddenly, this reminds me of this;