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Friday, June 27, 2008

"The one with remembering..."

It's hard to imagine, that exactly a year has passed since Wan left us. I still miss her very dearly, and to think that she's no longer with us sometimes leaves me in despair. I'm learning to cope with the fact that it is within one's passing to live and let go; that our presence here is nothing but a journey to a better place - that is Jannah.

I spent the whole of last weekend with the clan; paying homage to a years' passing of Wan, and personally I feel that it's been quite some time since the whole family got together for such an event in Bentong.

It was fortunate enough for Afzal to be there as well - I think that he felt that he's been missing a lot of things ever since going for his medical studies in Sheffield, and being able to be a part of any occassion involving the family, big or small would be a must. All in all, it was worthwhile. Most of the everyone was there, amiss Andi, Aiysha, Atiqah and Dad but in spite of their absence we made the best of what we're blessed with. Had the time to catch up with the others in the family; whats-beens and whats-has. Somehow I feel that I'll be missing this a lot - as I'll depart for my studies next year (insyaAllah!).

I have a lot more to say, actually. But before that happens in a later post, let me just share these pictures with you guys first.


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