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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"The one with the lost of a dear friend..."

Today, I woke up with a deep, cold sigh.

I offer all dear friends and family of Veronieta Antau Stephen, my deepest condolences. May her soul rest in peace, and her sins forgiven for a better place among the heavens above.

She passed away yesterday evening, in an accident near Kundasang.

I've always known Vero as a kindred spirit, most kind and always so lively. She's touched so many of our hearts and carved smiles onto a lot of faces - I personally feel that, to lose someone as her, is to have lost a big part of your life.

I was totally overwhelmed by this morbid news when Jo told me about it; and I'm still coming into terms of dealing with it. But, in consolation - I'd like to very much believe that she's in a far better place now....and that what happened is because God loves her so much.

You can't replace someone, who in Fifah's words, as vibrant as Vero. She might no longer be with us, but all the memories that we've shared with her, will be with us, and in our prayers forever.



Anonymous said...

hey jep!

how u know vero?? she used to be my senior back then years ago. it was a shocking news tho . maybe God loves her more. May her soul rest in peace.

JeP said...

hi anonymous!

Vero was a good friend of mine back in UMS. I know, I'm still shocked as it is. We're going to really miss her, and there won't be one as cheerful as Vero to be replaced.

I hope her soul rests in peace.


Pearl said...

Im sorry for the loss of a friend :-( it is truely tragic..

Anonymous said...

yupss..there won't be one as cheerful as vero..she was a dedicated and loving was a big loss to our school..i really miss her..since she was still alive,i was very close with her as a student..i very miss her a lots..everywhere and every corner that i pass through at the school will reminds me to her..
if she still alive..i wanna her to know how much i love her so much more than teacher..she was my beloved sister..may god bless her soul in peace..(khadija_dj)smka mohd ali students.

nurul ain said...

im going to miss her so much too..i was her ex-student at SEMEKAR..i miss her.. before she involved in the car crash..i met her at Delicious in Ranau...we're chatting..i miss her

JeP said...

Thanks for everyone's tear of endearment for our dear friend Vero. Against all the gloom and sadness of the tragedy, her departure reminds us that our lives are too short and we should cherish every breathing moment we still have in it.