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Friday, June 13, 2008

"The one with being the ones who give, or take, or both..."

I don't think I would want to dive into the recent petrol hike issue because by now I think whatever I post would be deemed redundant. The increase has begun to sound almost a cliche that it borders a state of profanity; comically something that we all have been expecting but seemingly are still very much surprised when it actually happens. No use barking over spilt water, I'd say.

I'd realized that I haven't been paying much attention to the blog lately. Honestly, my mind has been taken away by a lot of things. Things I'd consider take precedence over irrelevance; however hindered by an irony such cataclysmic that I can't actually materialize these issues online, yet alone divulge it upon public ears. But alas, like every other humble being it is good deed to detach from the advocacies of such humane enigmas, so I'd like to take a break from such thinking.

So, let's take about something now shall we? What would be more interesting nowadays but the increasing stature of price tags?

I think I'd like to share a thought that ran through my mind a few days back. How much can we give, until it takes a toll onto ourselves? Or pessimistically, how much can we take from someone, before we ourselves dwell into being lustful? Believe you me, I'd like to consider myself as someone considerate upon others, but there are times where I just couldn't give a d*mn. Seriously, sometimes I realize that you can only give so so much before you think that you're being used, or somehow caught within a tangled web intertwined of unjust and unfairness. Does that happen to most of you? I'd like to think so.

As much as we're sometimes overcome by rage, there's always a catch. The thing is, I've come to realize that all these incessant arguments, are just human nature. We, homo sapiens tend to favor being the hand who receives below rather than be the hand giving. And so when we receive, we explore the notion of taking. So when we start taking from the already giving, we consider thereupon that it's a given. A consensus that apprehends another notion explained only through the need to continuously want, a trait commonly shared by a child. Which transcends into us behaving like children. Therefore when we are denied what we desire upfront, we tend to get pissed. We lose sense of judgment and realization. We then evolve into being, well, selfish beings. We forget then, those kind gestures (of the giver) from which it roots what we've become at that particular moment.

Therefore, when I look back upon any instances caused by my behalf, I'd very much feel overwhelmed by guilt. Ashamed and disgusted. I live by a personal motto of not inflicting into others what I wouldn't want to be inflicted onto myself, so by such hypocrisies I tend to realize that irrational thinking would always lead into negative setbacks. Taking, without giving is that unfortunate hypocrisy. I'd then try my best to continuously give, but now I've learned to be happy by just giving. The ability to give, without any mercy of getting anything in return. Being selfless, I'd like to think, brings out the joy in such this behavior, that is the gift of giving.

"Biarlah kita merasa susah, daripada membuat orang merasa kesusahan, kerana ianya lebih membuat kita muzakarah pada diri sendiri..."

The question is, most of the time it's hard to find that joy. God's will, that how He teaches us. He makes us learn time and time so that we learn the best out of it every time.

Comment Dieu est un être suprême.


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