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Monday, June 02, 2008

"The one with the hectic weekend...Part 2"

"Selamat Pengantin Baru diucapkan kepada pasangan Mohd Rashidi dan Masleelinda yang baru mendirikan rumahtangga pada tanggal 1 Jun 2008. Semoga kedua mempelai dilimpahi rezeki yang mencurah serta berbahagia selalu hendaknya..."

As usual, another hectic weekend spent yesterday. I bailed out on the Kedah wedding (phew!) due to my prior promise with Shidi that I'd attend his wedding. With this taking precedence, my dearest Fifah accompanied me to Kpg. Bangi, Kajang into the humble abode of Mr. Shidi. I have to admit, their wedding has a lot of that 'kampung' touch to it; we've rarely seen such elaborate preparations. A bit busy here and there, but nevertheless quite meriah. Both myself and Fifah had known Shidi and Linda since our undergraduate years in UMS, so to see their romantic journey end in matrimony was wonderful. Shidi's one of the kindest souls I know and I'm happy he has someone similar to share it with. All the best to them both.

Fifah and I took the liberty of going to AEON Jusco's Bukit Tinggi shopping mall the day before, just to check out the place. I've been told that it's the biggest jusco mall in Malaysia, and judging by AEON standards around KL it does hold that crown to its own. Huge.

Having not being able to spend quality time together lately, we opt for a late afternoon screening of Indy's latest flick; the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. Honestly, I think this is by far the best film yet coming out of cinemas this year - even toppling the mighty Iron Man by a comfortable length. Straightforward action from start till end, and you'd be surprised that the movie took more than 2hrs! You just loose track of time. Leave it to Lucas and Spielberg to conjured such a cult-status film that is Indiana Jones.

Speaking about weddings, we also took the liberty of looking for hantaran stuffs as well while we were in Jusco. It's rather hard to comprehend that we're just merely a month from our engagement....:)


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