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Monday, May 26, 2008

"The one with a hectic weekend..."

"Selamat Pengantin Baru diucapkan kepada Puan Nor Sarashimatun Sapian dan suami, Encik Mohd Fadzrizal Paimin yang baru sahaja mendirikan rumahtangga pada 24-25 Mei 2008. Semoga berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu, dan dilimpahi nikmat kurnia serta kebahagiaan hendaknya...Amin."

It was another hectic weekend for me! But one very fun, fulfilling weekend it was. Fifah and I had the nice opportunity to attend Achim's wedding yesterday, and here are some of the memories I could share with you guys;

I like the pelamin's setting; very ala-ala Jawa gitu. Anak nogori agaknyer si Achim ni...

Look's like they're a match made in heaven, aren't they? The Mr. and the Missus.

I just had to share this picture. Funny. Sorry Achim! :p

The 'bridesmaids' flanking the queen of the day. Two's already taken. Who's next in line?

As Peja would say it, "Welcome to the gentlemen's club, rizzal..."

Fifah thought that Achim had the orange-est bouquet of flowers, but turned out great on pictures! Note : It was very nice of Ismaq to come all the way from Johore just to make Achim's wedding, so sweet of her.

Of course, a picture of myself and my lady.

Achim has always been a good friend, and one of the most cheerful mates we've had the pleasure of knowing. We're happy for you, and hopeful that this matrimony of kindred hearts would bring you both sheer happiness and many more great things to share in the future together. Thanks to friends that shared the day with us; Azfar, Peja, Yam, Zuera and Ismaq. It's a shame most of the other flock couldn't make it - I'm sure most of them were quite taken aback with their hectic schedules, kinda miss all of them. It is timely then, for a reunion gathering in the near future.

The day wasn't quite over yet for me and Fifah; we made our way to KLCC shortly after Achim's wedding, to the University of Melbourne open day. To make short of a long-hauled endeavour, it was quite a fulfilling conquest. Had the opportunity to talk to the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. Strugnell and Ms. Marie Hill of the Engineering Faculty. I see that it might be evidently clear that I might see myself walking the steps of the university next year, if everything goes well InsyaAllah. Thank you soooo much my dear Fifah, for accompanying me with your presence and moral support. You were wonderful and I'm always grateful.

We had to rendezvous with Mom and the girls after the Mebourne-stint, before embarking to KLIA to see Wan Ipoh off to Umrah. It's been a while since Mom and the girls had seen her, and I think it was nice of them to tag along all the way to the airport yesterday. KLIA was, unusually packed yesterday - filled with people joining Wan for Umrah as well. I could tell even from her already cheerful exterior that she was very much anxious, as well as excited to go. We parted with the wish that she get's the best out of the visit, and that she would return home safely.

We ended the day with a good dinner at Redcard - courtesy of Azfar as our host. I've always liked the food served here, has exceptional taste but with reasonable pricing. Apart from the occasional full-seating crowd, we always had good meals dining here. *cue lame advert theme* So, head on to Redcard Cafe Bangi, for a wonderful treat to your senses!

Redcard soooo needs to pay me homage of free food, with this free publicity I'm giving. :p

All in all, it was quite a hectic weekend. I haven't even begin to tell you about Saturday, when we sent off Aki and Wan Chik to Sentral KL. They'll be in Kedah for the next 10 days, joined by the others this weekend. Now speaking about this weekend - I still have Shidi's wedding to look forward to. A great thing, my life is.



SuMmeR_Ra|n said...

Gosh!! Achim is married too! Geez... I missed out so many of our coursemates' wedding... Who else getting married ya? Oh yeah, your engagement with Fifah is on 28 July ka?

Shima Sapian said...

Jep!!! hehee i loike the pics!! ;p hehee maceh2!!

JeP said...

Cindy : Nopes, it's on this coming July 5th. U still in kk ke?

Achim : Of coursela canteekk, tgk ler saper yg amik! :) Anyways, you guys look sooo secocok. Tu yg gambar nmpk lebih lawa tu.