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Friday, April 25, 2008

Salam Takziah...

I remember one of the citations during the weekly Friday khutbah quite vividly once;

"Setiap yang bernyawa itu pasti akan mengalami kematian..." - Ali 'Imran, Ayat 185

Sometimes when you face the death of a loved one, we often do with hatred and sorrow. And it is true that if there was one thing God promised us; it is our return to Him, and with that we bring together all the deeds (good and bad) as supply for the everlasting lifeafter. We loved her, and most of us were lucky enough to know her as one of the warmest people ever. One of my fondest memories with arwah Wan Chu was to taste her chocolate chip cookies every Raya. She used to tease me about my childhood a lot back then. I missed that, a lot.

Salam takziah pada keluarga Aki Chu ke atas pemergian Allahyarhamah Wan Chu yang telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada 16 Rabiul Akhir 1429H bersamaan Rabu, 23 April 2008. Panjatkan Al-Fatihah buat arwah, semoga beliau ditempatkan di kalangan umat-umatNya yang beriman soleh. Al-Fatihah.

That day I learned, that however, when one very dearly passes - you are always reminded that life is too short to be spiteful. God would never bestow upon us tests we could not handle, and that everything would happen for a reason - for the best of things.

We miss her (Wan Chu) very dearly. Al-Fatihah.


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