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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"The one with reality talent shows..."

Yes, you heard me right : comparing two very distinguished reality shows based on vocal prowess and favoritism. To dispute, which among the both is rather better than the other. The reality is, both attend to different target audiences - not to mention two more distinct show concepts. However, at the end of the day it all comes down to showmanship and product. Of which, I am pretty sure AI trumps over AF on any part of the evaluation.

To say that I am not an avid fan of AF is by far being hypocritical to myself; judging by the amount of AF collectible CDs (and DVDs) archived back at my home in KK. But my infatuation was somewhat pinned onto the golden ages of the show; back in the first two installments of this popular Malaysian show. Nevertheless, is isn't within lunacy to think that as time progresses the quality and adaptability of AF has dwindled, and tumbled almost significantly. I might even stretch as far to say that the weekly AF concerts this year would remind me of amusing talent shows you'd have at shopping centers nationwide.

And they're actually getting free vocal lessons?

But reflect, now onto a show that is watched by millions. Watched by a majority of the globe, that every single aspect brought into the succession of a season must be aesthetically and meticulously perfect. Which means the expectations upon its delivery would be far greater compared to AF. This year by far, I can safely say we've seen (and heard) among the best vocals ever to lay stage on idol. They'd have shows each week, and each week they'd at least perform to the expectations of their fans. I've been following each show of Idol since its commencement and so far there's little to nitpick - even at their worst would be better than AF's best days.

Both feature three panel of judges, but execution-wise; very differently indeed. Sometimes I think Ogy demands such perfection she'd just run for PM candidature. On the other hand, Simon, as directly absurd as he may sound - he, most of the time gets it right.

I'm treading very treacherous lines here, so it'd be best if I not divulge any further. Just my 2-cents worth though. It'd be nice for AF to one day return to its reigning days, where casts are picked not for their publicity-grabbing potentials but for their entire thirst and hunger for the art. So far, it's been a popularity contest for them. In a way, it's not more dramatically different than our political elections; only executed with much more fun, and with less cr*p.

Talk about stoning the bee hive, huh....:-o


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AnasDila said...

nak stoning kat bee hive buat betul2 ye...hahaha

aku tgk af...seriyes...bukan apa...suka kutuk2 je...hahaha..

harap yg leh nyanyi,ada la 2 kerat je..yang lain takt nyanyi kat funfaor pun dah cukup bagus dah...hahha