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Monday, April 28, 2008

"The one with the wedding, and the blindfolded suprise..."

I had the busiest weekend..! I was actually looking forward towards the last few days; Sheena's wedding was around the corner and she had asked both Fifah and myself to be a part of it, which I thought was really sweet. Of course, weddings are more for the women than the men so Fifah was rather busier than myself. I just merely played the driver.

The wedding was wonderful, nice and just great. Mom was also present (turns out Alsraf's mom is a close friend of hers) as well as a few other familiar faces back in KK. Wedding's become much merrier when it's personal - and this was undeniably fun. I'm sharing here a few pictures highlighting the union of these both dear friends of ours.

"Selamat Pengantin Baru diucapkan kepada pasangan Sheena binti Bidin dan Mohd Alsraf bin Ahmad Mokhtar. Semoga kedua mempelai sentiasa bahagia hingga ke anak cucu, serta dimurahkan segala rezeki sebagai suami isteri..."

Of course, a few days back my dearest Fifah celebrated her 25th birthday. Having already brought her on a birthday dinner date last thursday, I decided to hold a small but great party at my place. Courtesy of her good friend Dimple, we drove her blindfolded onto No. 5 Jalan Wan Empok. Although she wasn't exactly the best sport - I'm sure she had fun. Dahla makan tak hengat kat wedding Sheena, we had 2nd rounds of pasta and pancakes thanks to my every loving mom who went through all the hassle of preparing the food. Thank God the others had the apetite.

Thank you soooo much for those who came - Dimple, Azfar, Fadil, Yam, Shah, Peja, Faeza, Zuera, Afzan, Wan and young lil' Kimi. He's just the cutest kid! Afzan's mom was also kind enough to grace the party with her presence. Sorry I can't post any photos of you guys here since most of the pictures are with Faeza. I'll post them as soon as I grab 'em from her.

"Happy 25th Birthday my sayang. Moga Allah panjangkan umurmu dan panjatkan rahmat serta memurahkan rezekimu menjelang tahun-tahun mendatang. You hold a dear place in my heart and with you I'm the happiest I could be, so on this blessed day I solemly pray for good things to come your way insyaAllah.."



fifah said...

dearest sayang,
i had such a fun and great time that day,surrounded by you and loved ones.
thanks for the time, effort and the great lengths you went through to make the day a wonderful one for me, i truly appreciate it.
love you dearest! :)


AnasDila said...

hey!!why am i not invited!!invite jer la...dtg tak dtg secondary...hehehe

p/s::semoga korang berdua happy selalu k!hehehe

sebagai denda...u guys kena bagi hadiah for my Chomel!hahaha (gelak evil!)