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Friday, May 02, 2008

"The one with my new love..."

Have you heard? :)

I bought a new lappie. The Inspiron 1420 from Dell. I kinda capitalized on the 'sorta' PC Fair deal last April and got this baby at quite a reasonable price tag. That is, if you take into account the many custom built options I opted for - like the ultrasharp 1440x990 display, a dedicated Nvidia GPU and Wireless-N 4965M card. It came preloaded with Vista Premium, so I did took quite some time to get used to the system. Sakai la sikit. But I'm happy. Finally I have something that is mine, thoroughly.

Initially I wanted to get my hands on the XPS M1330 but after considering that I was at a tight budget the 1420 would do. Today, I'm glad I did. I totally am digging this laptop!

Being a rebel-user, of course I did a fresh install of Vista with only the programs I'd utilize. Dumped the 15-month McAfee for Kaspersky, and at the moment I'm attempting to dual boot the system with XP Pro. I just finished a few skirmish rounds of Tiberian Wars at high settings and looking onto installing COD4 later on. Something tells me that I might have just decreased the longetivity factor on this lappie's lifetime.

Oh, and I'm naming it. Haven't figured what yet but definitely something catchy. :p


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