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Friday, April 04, 2008

"The one with understanding principle through symbolism..."

As I was threading my usual route to work today, I caught glimpse of an Arabian pair of father and daughter, walking on the sidewalk. On occasional eyesights it wasn't as beyond the norm to see his kid sporting a hijabb (or a tudung as we'd like to refer it), however what took me by surprise - was the fact that the kid had the slightest matching outfit for such a dignified top.

A hijabb, worn with a mini-sleeved tee - and knee high tights.

As a faithful Muslim, I'd wonder why would the father ever resort his young progeny to such an indescribable attire. Is he, ever such engulfed within the shadows of confusion, that this kid is clearly missing the point of wearing a hijabb? Or maybe it wasn't a big deal to him - as long as she wore a hijabb, it doesn't matter whether she covered the other essentials. Alas, hmm...bearing an open mind as always, my mind immediately caught upon the notion that she was just a mediocre kid; having not even felt the essence of puberty nor adolescence. But again, if that is such the case - why even bother wearing a hijabb in the first place?

My mind wanders again. Please remember that this is but just a humble opinion of a person, clearly not even near to perfection to substantiate putting justice to the judging of others.

Was it, that what mattered to the father - was the whole symbolism of the hijabb itself? It probably would register as something not making sense, but try and digest it from another perspective for a change. Humanity often looks upon a cause to fight for, a meaning to pursue such adversities that challenge the very essence of their existence. It has been long thought that religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and even Islam originated from the unique gut-feeling, that we're born for a purpose and that we were created from a higher power that is God. Through His teachings in the form of literatures and word-of-mouths we clarify their meanings by complete faith and trust; a diverse definition I'd like to refer to as symbolism.

In Islam for instance, the very essence of life according to religion falls upon the symbolism of a book - written and passed down through generations by Allah's many blessed prophets called the Quran. We don't perceive Him in form but perspective. We believe, and as a symbol of Islam we follow diligently His teachings in the Quran. Same applies to Christianity and the Bible.

If a hijabb would represent such symbolism; that a woman should protect her dignity by covering up, it'll eventually lead to the preservation of her whole body within the confines of a complete attire when she becomes a lady. That's probably how kids think; like our forefathers did before. You try and understand the meaning behind every gesture, and every act. When you understand, you perform well upon the idea. When you understand, all you do comes from a willing heart and nothing else. When you understand, you do without any choice of acknowledgement, or reward.

That's something we all sum up as - being ikhlas. And those who are ikhlas sentiasa mendapat keredhaanNya. Not only in Islam, but in all religions of humanity, I'd like to believe.


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