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Monday, March 31, 2008

"The one with the invitation..."

I know everyone's been asking; speculating; and here it is - an exclusive formal invitation from the both of us;

It's going to be a small, but hopefully warm ceremony in KK and we hope to share these moments with those who're interested of coming. Do RSVP to us on anything, for I'm also currently working out the logistics (accommodation, transportation etc).

Flight tickets - beli sendiri. AirAsia murah maaaa, hehehehe...;p



Fellie said...

at last, jep!!!

congratulation!!! really happy for both of you... *Thumbs up*

atan said...


selamat bertunang.

Shima Sapian said...

congratss!!! ;ppppppppp


SuMmeR_Ra|n said...

ok, i'll be there. inform me when confirm confirm... congrats 2 u both!! :D

SuMmeR_Ra|n said...

im cindy... hehe!