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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"The one with life's quilt..."

This morning I'd fondled upon the idea that I procrastinate coming into the lab and instead chill out at home. Lucky me, I was fortunate enough to catch the screening of this wonderful movie on HBO. I'm quite an avid fan of retro movies in the 90s, and this is a wonderful adaptation from Whitney Otto's novel of the same name. Bear in mind that I haven't actually read the book (as if I had read any!) but I'll definitely recommend this screenplay by Jocelyn Moorhouse to anyone looking for a heartwarming tale of serendipitous situations that shape the very foundations of people's lives.

The paradox was quite simple - Finn Dodd is an aspiring writer writing her (3rd attempt!) at a Masters thesis while visiting her grandmother in Grasse, CA. Still unsure from her BF's marriage proposal, she discovers the notion of true love, lost and life from the many indifferent stories of the women belonging to her grandmother's quilting group. Yes people, there exists such a group after all. I guess when you're too old to be a sisterhood (or brotherhood) you'd might as well coherently aspire yourselves as a 'group' instead.

But anyways - although at times the plots were quite predictable, it does bode very well in their story telling. It very well reminds you of how different people, from different backgrounds perceive this wonderful feeling called 'love' and how it sometimes is indeed, in itself immortal. Towards a climatic end, the group had sewn a quilt meant as a marriage gift to Finn; with the theme "where love resides" and depicts their many shared tales that reflect on her life and where its headed. Its a wonderful woven play with an inspiring soundtrack, reminiscent of the classical theme that it is.

It had mixed reviews from critics - but those who believe in the advent of self-fulfillment for justification I'd suggest to check it our yourselves.

And I quote from the movie itself;

"How easy it is, for life to be for someone without any attachments to something. So easy, that it's so sad in the same time..."


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