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Thursday, January 31, 2008

"The one with being confused with change...."

Is change really, for the good? I mean - is it really meant to help us adapt to, or move on with life? In retrospect, has change been severely overrated?

Confused? Join me on this boat.

What happens when the things that used to attract you no longer seems to exist, when the actions that keeps you alive become hardly a breeze that comes and goes without certainty? What happens when the things you've perceive in the past, become now a mere figment of hope and dream? What becomes of you, when ones change diverts you off that unconditional path you were once on? Is it no longer worth pursuing? Is it no longer justifiable? Would you carry on, lying to yourself telling that it's a phase which would fade only to discover it a momentous evolution from something already there; gaining ground and space?

And what happens when change, makes you think of separation? Makes you think that things are no longer the same that it no longer is meant to be, what it is supposed to be. What then, when change takes from you what complacency takes from those who forget? What would you do? If change is for the good, would you adapt to it - or would you let it go? Letting it go so that you could move on. Letting it go so that both parties can move on?

Whatever it is - change would most likely indeed be for the better, probably.



AnasDila said...

oit jep...apa cerita?macam sedih pun ada bunyik nye??

JeP said...

xdela sedih...:p

Saja mengupas isu harian. Biase la...