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Sunday, February 03, 2008

"The one with my liquid affixation..."

Having spent the last few days playing babysitter to my adorable (annoying) cousins Adi and Ayad, I decided to treat myself to some 'ME' time today. Actually, scratch that. The only reason why I'm driving alone on my way to Damansara is that miraculously the security people at PakTeh's place swapped my driving license with another one bearing the name 'Goh Swee Heng'. Considering I was apparently clueless due to fatigue during all the commotion, the only time I found out of the serendipitous switch was this afternoon when PakTeh called.

Therefore, dragging my already draggy-ious feet I grasp all the courage fit for battle to go all the way back to Armanee Condominium. All because Mr. Swee Heng was in dire need to get to Malacca before the day ends. Sheesh.

Since I've earlier canceled on Meet the Spartans with Along and the gang, I'm left with no other ulterior motives of being on the road besides a measly driver's license. So what does a guy do? Window-shopping, of course. But mind you, this ain't no normal sale-crazed purchasing but instead the raw jungle-king tarzan shopping. Cuci-mata they'd say, in Malay. All in the name of good sport. Yeah right.

Anyways.....there I was, on my way, away from Armanee condo en route tracing my path back to Seri Petaling when I decided to spontaneously take a left turn via One Utama straight to IKEA. Much to the horror to the cars around me attempting to evade this mad driver that is myself, my only motivation through the horrendous traffic was - yes you guessed right - the IKEA hotdogs. Yup, those cheap, heavenly frankfurters separated by hordes of angry, eager buyers fresh from....well, buying furniture. FYI, you never mess with them furniture-buyers. Especially the fresh ones from the counters. They make Mr. Sweeney Todd look like Mr. Bean when they're pissed.

Got my hotdog, didn't see any more reason for me to be there for long so off I went towards the parking lot before I got a call from Nadia. She's in town for a couple of days so naturally she'd want to hook up with us Asasians so when I told her I was in IKEA, she told me to check out Dunkin's. "For what?" I asked. I already have my heavenly dog. "For the coffee, you idiot." was her reply. So, again, motivated by the dire need to satisfy my other craving I straddled towards Dunkin's, God-bless which was nearby.

Tried the double-mocha latte. Then I died and went straight to heaven. For 15-minutes to be precise. That was how long it took for me to finish sipping the whole piping-hot beverage.

I don't usually chug on my coffee this fast but the latte was that good. Take my word peeps, I'm a dedicated coffee-addict constantly on the urge for a sip and this is one mocha latte I've had so far that's got me addicted straight away. As a matter of fact, I had another whilst driving home. It was THAT good. And yes, like every other drug you have to suffer the consequences of having a (two) fix(es). Blame it on the cold weather we're having, increases my affection to them black liquids.

Explains why this post is longer than usual. Just for the sake of argument, I currently have now, the reflexes of a sniper and eyeballs the size of Venezuela. Panting like a cougar, but jittery as a bug.

So, what're you waiting for? Go get your fix now - at a Dunkin Donut's store near you.

*cue lame advert sing-a-long theme song* lalalalala~~~

p/s : I should be getting paid for this cheap promotional post. Yes I do....:p



AnasDila said...

masa tgk sweeeny todd,aku teringin sgt minum kopi,jadi beli mocha latte kat gsc,sambil makan cheezel..

mocha latte dan cheezel sambil tgk sweeney todd..kombinasi yg bagus ke?

akuj bukan kopi aficionado,tapi kadang2 teringin..

JeP said...

cheese and mocha latte? Hmmm....:p