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Thursday, January 31, 2008

"The one with the movies...."

Come to think of it, this month I've been quite the avid inhabitant of the silver screens. Blame it on the necessity of getting over boredom and the incessant urges by peers to detach from work and get a life once in a while. Being not a movie-pundit of sorts don't take my word for it; these are the movies I've watched in January and what I'd think of them.

Juno was wicked! It those sorta movies you'd want to watch just to past time, but end up loving its each witty dialog and unconventional humor. Not to mention the intense drama depicted in Cloverfield as well as John Rambo. Enough to get you panting in your seats at the cinema!

I guess considering that I loved the first of the National Treasure series, putting too high hopes for the sequel was a not-so-great thing to do. This time around the plots were okay, but uninspiring and often predictable. Other than the enormous gore and artistic cinematography that is Tim Burton, Mr. Sweeney Todd was rather so-so instead of conjuring a sense of awe-ness. Thought that the story was too long and draggy. A-for singing efforts though....

Mad money...hmm...nothing mad enough to keep me watching with interest other than Mrs. Cruise looking cute as always.

I'm looking forward definitely for Jumper and Step Up 2. I have a feeling the former would gain reputable cult-status as The Matrix conjured in 1999; and any movies involving dance moves and a catchy soundtrack definitely is worth my trip to the big screen.

Now that I have quite a lot of time to myself, it's time to indulge people.....:)



AnasDila said...

meet the spartan??ko pernah tgh epic movie tak?

mesti sucks gile citer ni...

johnny deep la cool

slay slay sing sing slay again!..

atan said...

i can't wait to see Heigl in 27 dresses..

musti cun giler

JeP said...

Atan, you're freaking me out here.



atan said...