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Sunday, December 23, 2007

"The one with learning and coping, and making the best of things..."

Back at my home stretch again. Mental note : 'Home' would now mean my mainland-abode now, considering the way things are progressing now hereon.

Had such a relaxing experience from the last three weeks abroad. It's a blessing being able to be granted the ability to return back and forth between home and the salvation-land. Mental note 2 : 'Salvation-land' would now be referred to explain my Borneoan escape, as I'd like to call it. Maybe I'll start using mental notes in my posts from now instead of post-it notes which would present itself as obscure considering the medium in which my blog's utilizing. Ahhh what joy technological advancement has breached for us; making us more of couch potatoes than that we've already are.

Alas, back to me talking about my trip back to salvation-land. Life, as I've known it would not be as it was. Somehow, mine took an unexpected swerve somewhere, and without a glimpse of what lied behind - took its course so fast you'd only see it a blur. Wisdom teaches us to learn to make the best out of things, and the best is as subjective to how we make it worthwhile. George Benson (yes, I do dig jazz) conveyed his thoughts on life being as long as we let it proceed but as short as we make it worthy. In a manner of speaking, it's an irony of how people are to live their lives longer and forever devotees to immortality - blind by the imperceivable truth that there'd be more meaning in the time that we've spent living; compared to the time which we've lived.

I'm stretching myself out of point here. What I'm getting at is that - for the limited time we get in our lives, God makes up for it in making it worthwhile. Once in a while, He alters the reality of which we've grown accustomed to. Just like Monopoly. That's why we observe growth; from infancy, to life as a child maturing into adulthood. Growing itself is an experience we're given to make life worthwhile. After adulthood, God gives us more challenging endeavors. Next comes the birth of our carriers. But what He never left behind are the stems that precedes our leaves and petals. Relationships. The most comprehensive enigma He'll forever be innovative on.

Again, drifting away from my point. Mental note 3 : less crap, more content. I enjoyed my stay in KK; did the things I was there for, spent time with the people I've left behind, visited places that held great memories, and rekindled with the city I've been in love with. Yes, sometimes life here bores you but it has its own share of surprises. And the surprises are enough to put you on a melancholy. Had the opportunity to host a sorta open-house for Aidiladha, and thanks to the many people who came we had one of the busiest and most happening celebrations held in Taman Orkid for the longest time. I had fun, and I learned a lot. Life is at its most beautiful when shared, and divine when having people to share it with.

As I walked into the Terminal last night into the security checkpoint, I look back at the environment that I'll be leaving again. There lies the city which housed my many memories, soothed my aches and cheered my every sorrows. Within my viewpoint, a loving family I'd always see again....the next time I touchdown on these soils. For all that it's become, we are, and forever be a single unit - no matter how far we're separated.

You know you're living your life when you have something you'd die fighting for. I know I do.


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