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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"The one with the festivities..."

It is always in my thoughts that this is the month of the year in which the most holidays are; interestingly the year-end.

I don't perceive to sound condescending or by any chance unbiased towards other festivities, but let's face it - people get giddied-upped during these times. But lets face it - the best thing about this month's celebration is that Nigella's on practically every cook-show on the square box. I'm particularly a fond preacher of food, so coupled that with someone as gorgeous as her would mean long hours in front of the television. Which reminds me; I'm on my 2nd serving of macaroni's. Darn those San Remo pasta's.

This isn't the best time to lose weight - neither for one to keep track with.

I don't usually indulge myself into the festivities (apart from my Raya's) so on holidays such as these I find myself always being within the living spaces of home. I'm lazy by nature but this'll be especially extra when you wake up with the sun directly on top of your head and with you having without any care at all for work that day. Lethal combination, really, those two. Had led towards many procrastinating days in my life. Sometimes I find this to work either in one's poison, or even favor at times. Blame it on the festivities, yeah right.

Yesterday night I had a wonderful conversation with a friend over the phone all the way from UK and we talked about some stuff I find quite peculiar. We were conversing over the fact that the only reason that people celebrate something would be out of the sheer spirit it brings. Celebrations become more intense when there's meaning behind it. Like Aidilfitri, for example. The victory over our lusts and sins. The day in which we regard ourselves as being anew. Christmas, commemorating the birth of Jesus in the Christian religion; Hannukah (although not religiously celebrated here) as remembering the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple celebrated by the Jews; Deepavali as the celebration of Good triumphing over Evil in Hindu religion. All are vividly looked forward to each and every passing year.

It almost seemed that we need to find meaning behind every celebration we do. And because we're so caught into looking for it we precariously define it in a global scale - it has to have a big impact for it to be worth celebrating. We often forget that it is the small significant things that give greater impact on the big picture. Every big celebration and festivity we have today, has its roots from a small action taken in the past. Through literature and storytelling passed down from generation to generation, it's spirit and gestures find meaning and like a snowball rolling downhill - gets more and more intense by year.

My point is (and I do have one!), that sometimes all the hype we're presented leading into these holidays lead us on to forget the real reason why we celebrate them. We often mask all this with enormous splurges into ornaments and decorations for open houses and social activities - all without knowing the real spirit behind it. Ironically, at moments what we do during the holidays contradicts the holiday itself. Like having enormous high-budget open houses during Aidilfitri; whereas we're celebrating our victory over lust, both over greed and boastfulness. But it is at these times that we simply outdo ourselves from previous years. But it would be wonderfully fine if it's a family reunion we're talking about here, because it also symbolizes togetherness and bond-making (plus let's face it - family members eat a lot and would finish up all the food anways) so it fits the celebrations accordingly. This is how it should be.

So, I hope that this year every celebration should honor both the tradition and spirit of the occasion. Be it Aidilfitri, Aildiladha, Wesak, Deepavali, Christmas or New Years'. And remember, at times you don't need a big reason to commemorate something. Like beauty, achievements are as subjective as your perceptions lead it to be.

So Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Years' to everyone. May all your wishes be true, becomes true and all the best in the year to come. Tis' the season to be grateful, don't you think? :)

"E 'quando si trovano piĆ¹ cose, per celebrare e che trovi la vita vale la pena di celebrare ..."

- JeP

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