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Friday, September 28, 2007

"The One with rebooting yourself..."

Sometimes, as inexplicably weak beings we tend to suffocate ourselves with senseless emotions. We numb ourselves with the dying sense that things are beyond our control. Beaten, we submit whatever's left of our vague sanity out the window as we begin to solemnly venture into silence and isolation.

Pretty dramatic, we can be sometimes eh? I admit, I'm no stranger to these situations. It feels almost as normal as air; seeing upon my reason of apprehension towards life, as a continuos cycle. We have our ups, we have our downs. We reach our highs, we bump down into our lows. Sh*t happens. Accept it. That's life - in its rawest form. You win some, you definitely lose some. Sometimes you lose more. Sometimes its catastrophic. Sometimes- well you get my point.

But sometimes we need a little change in scenery; sometimes we need a mindframe shift. Reboot, you may say. So time to push that reset button. Let's restart our lives - once again. Let the cycle revolve yet another spin. 

If anything, life is short. Learn to live in the moment.


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