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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"The one with the waterfalls..."

The lab took some time-off from the knick knacks of experiments, assignments and deadly deadlines so we decided to pack up for a trip to Sungai Tekala in Hulu Langat, Selangor. It was a pre-planned outing we've been outlining for months but was only able to initiate last Saturday. Clearly, this has been really great for everyone as most of us are neigh-close to burning down on countless stuffs that've been bugging us since Prof. went on sabbatical.

Groupies : For reasons I've yet to discover, this picture sums up the enormous fun we had that day. Sad Pecah wasn't in the picture (he took the pic so he's there in spirit).

Of course, half the fun was put out on the journey towards the place. Truthfully speaking, I haven't heard of the place (neither did anyone else) when Ikin told us about it and we didn't put up high hopes of an oasis when we did get there. Got up very, VERY early that day and met everyone at UPM's mosque. I could tell that none of them was as enthusiastic as getting up in the wee hours as I did, so it took quite some time to heat things up.

The Grub' : There were tons of food that day! Luckily Kak Dila, Faiza and Ikin wasn't stingy on the budget so they got plentiful stuffs for us to eat. I was absolutely stuffed!

The surrounding ambiance of Sg. Tekala definitely took us by surprise. Probably I haven't been to many such waterfalls in my lifetime to validate a respectable opinion but the place was off the hook! Serene, and practically clear waters meant that it didn't take us long to take a swim on the many falls there.

Lunch, Part 2 : Because we had soooo much to gobble on, we decided to switch spot each time we had the next meal. This is the second of three spots we have our lunches. Had quite a steep climb to get there though.

It was a fun, although tiring day. Had great laughs and got to bond a lot with the people. Got to strengthen ties with a few of them I didn't know very well so all in all everything went well. They're already planning of a rendezvous in Janda Baik after the eids' so I'm lookin forward to that.

Like a friend of mine said; "...macam takde keje je korang ni, ada masa nak bersuka-ria camni..."

It's called escapism. Embrace it. *sigh*


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