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Friday, September 28, 2007

"The one with the many wishes..."

Before I forget....

Congratulations to Kak Finas, for safely giving birth to Nur Yasmin Alaina this week. May she bring more happiness and joy to your already happy life.

All the best and good luck to my fellow tutor mates - Sarah, Dhilia and Zetty who's leaving (or already left) for their PhDs. You gals can definitely do it, so make us here proud ok!

A speedy and fast recovery to one of my idols, Tun Mahathir who's recuperating from his surgery last week. We pray that you'll be up and running again in no time Sir.

Al-Fatihah to the parents and family members of our little Nurin Jazlin. It isn't easy progressing pass what you guys are going through, but I hope you'll persevere and show faithfullness to God. Everything happens for a reason, and anyone but only He knows.

I pray for the people of Burma to be strong in their struggle with their dictatoring militant government. Success doesn't come without the cost of pain and suffering, and rest assure that with hard work and determination you'll one day live into a free nation. We Malaysians are walking examples of that.

Many, many things happening in the nation, yet alone the world nowadays. Some good, some bad, some even worse. I don't know whether its a sign for even more disasterous things to come, or whether there'll be a glimpse of light after these dark shadows.

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