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Thursday, August 09, 2007

"The one with that Negarakuku song..."

Before each and every one of us would bear keris and kapak, hang shotgun shells around our body armor and carry guns on a shooting spree - do come to our senses.

The truth and reason of things come clearer when we know the true, and bigger picture. I ask that for those not in the know, or would want to find out what the fuss this Namewee guy has made; take some time to view these two videos.

The actual parody of Negaraku he made -
This version has English translations so we actually KNOW what he talking about before we make crazy assumptions just from the pictures.

A diplomatic response to the video -
Created by a Chinese fella as well. He/She speaks some truth about our nation and we should at least give him the credit of reasoning to the things being put out here.

I too, was furious the first time I saw the video. After a while, you come to a state of acceptance, compliance, and eventually forgiveness. Only a person with very much hatred would do something this vile, so I'm sorry for him. It's hard to live your life with so much anger and hate.

Malaysians (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, etc), let us remind ourselves (and myself) that there won't be a Malaysia if not for all of us. Not the Malays, not the Chinese, not the Indians. We are Malaysians, because we don't distinguish ourselves by race and religion but cherish the similarities we share and respect our differences that make us unique.

After all, he is just ONE entity trying to demolish the hopes and dreams of millions. We are many, and we live our life loving ONE very humble but powerful country.

Power to the people. Malaysia, tanah tumpahnya darahku. Nothing more, and nothing less.


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