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Sunday, August 12, 2007

"The one with being happy for others to be happy with yourself..."

Friendster's a place full of vanity - so they say. I find it the best perverse way to get in touch with long lost friends; without actually getting in touch. That's why its so perverse it's an understatement.

But honestly, one of the reasons I savvy friendster so much is that I'm able to update myself with the latest ramblings of friends. Many of which, posted tons of pictures of themselves in travel. Sometimes when I checkout their pictures posted I'm always engulfed by this enormous mist of jealousy - "..I'm stuck here in KL while most of them are having the time of their lives walking the streets of Rome, Paris and New York.."

But I guess that's where perception plays a role in putting everything in perspective. If you look at things that you don't have in life, you'd have nothing. But if you emphasize on stuff you do have in your life - then you'd have everything. I'm proud with all my friends, wherever they are. Both those I've fall out of touch and those I still am in touch. For those out of reach, I'm glad they're having fun and doing something with their lives that means a lot to them. And the people I do keep in touch - it's a blessing being able to share your life with individuals of high spirits and faith. I don't pass around compliments often to people, but I have the greatest respect and love for most of them.

Being happy for others; that's something tossed around quite frequently with little attention to its meaning. When we say we're happy for others, most of the time it's just us saying we would'nt want to divulge more info on how envious we are. Or the fact that we're sick of it and don't want to say anything further about it. That's why its very easy for us to acknowledge our shared passion for something happening to someone. In reality, do we ever understand its meaning?

Feeling happy for someone is grasping the fact that we're excited about themselves achieving or receiving something grand; and that we're supportive of whatever happens of happening thereafter. How much of us can relate that immediately after we say we're happy for someone - we'd still be talking about that particular person without hatred, envy nor jealousy?

To accept the course of things, is to be more mature with the wisdom that all we can do is prepare ourselves for everything and that what happens would be God's will, and His alone.

"..Redha dengan segala qada' dan qadar kerana sesungguhnya Tuhan itu maha pengasih dan pemurah..."

To all my friends in Friendster - keep on posting your wonderful pictures. At least if you do then I'd be able to travel the world with you as well.


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