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Friday, August 24, 2007

"The one with feeling empty inside..."


Such a dreadful feeling so vile that none of us swear is a fan of. A feeling that leaves you an impression of being isolated, alone butt-naked amidst the shrouds of an intoxicating but such familiar an environment. Deep inside you hold upon the hope of that eventual shine beyond this black horizon but alas your heart now would bear witness of the probability of the odds. And the odds, are against you; staring blankly into infinite space.

You try so hard to convince yourself that no man’s an island, but if that were true then God would not have created the greatest ambience and horizons on earth situated on these lands surrounded by the sea. If He had indulged in exampling us through creation, then emptiness and isolation would be as beautiful to the heart to feel as the eyes can behold. Probably we have been embracing the feeling the other way around; maybe we do need to acknowledge the temptations that are those feelings. At least at some point in our short-lived lives. I’m not recommending this as a way of life; I’m suggesting that we should open ourselves to the assumption that feeling empty and alone am part of life, and parcel of growing up.

We’ve been nurtured in a society that would despise those who are indifferent, find exodus in people who live their lives in isolation. We often forget, that the most exceptional minds and marvels were conceived in these particular emotions and feelings. At least the trait’s provident in the magnificence of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Edison, Beethoven and even Einstein. If greatness is found within the solaces of such morbid features then are these feelings not as abnormal as it is unfit in the social matrix we live by today? Or are our perceptions just a manifestation our minds were taught to assume from offspring?

Alas, it is a feeling that we all share occasionally. It is a feeling we all feel once in a while. And we try so hard to deny that it is as significant as it is real. In a way, I’m just stating that it is normal, that’s all. If it is any consolation, it makes us human enough.

Yup, just human enough.


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